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Strong Women Suffer Injuries Too: Here’s How To Recover

Women and Sports Injuries
This strong woman reaches for weights. Time to workout. Photo via Pexels.

Not so long ago, there was a lot of pressure on women to be skinny. But there is a new voice now, our voice, one that says we want to be strong, not skinny, and it is a mentality that seems to be here to stay. Women are embracing their muscles and toning their minds at the same time. However, as with any exercise where the efforts are high, so are the risks, and there is nothing more effective at stopping your progress than a severe injury.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts when it comes to getting off the sofa and back into the gym. Recovering is just one of those things that have to be done right. If not, you risk making your temporary injury a chronic issue. We know it’s frustrating, but we have laid out some steps for you to follow and get you back to fighting fit as soon as possible.

An ice pack can help tame a sports injury
Ice the injury, ladies. Photo via Pexels.

Ice, Ice Baby

The first thing you should do after sustaining an injury is pack on the ice on. Ice-pack, ice cubes wrapped in a towel, frozen peas, it doesn’t matter what, it just matters that you do. Do a minute on and ten minutes off three times. What this will do is slow down any bleeding and speed up your recovery further down the line.

Knowledge Is Power

If you don’t understand your injury then you can’t hope to recover properly. Take it seriously. Yes, there are some injuries where you just have to woman up and walk them off, but serious ones don’t fall into the category. That’s why it is important you see a doctor and get a professional and full diagnosis. This way you will know what sort of recovery you are facing and you can plan your next moves from there.

This salad is a healthy meal
Eat healthy, during recovery and beyond. Photo via Pexels.

Eat Better Than Ever

One of the secrets to a speedy recovery is your diet. Put plenty of nutrients in your diet, drink plenty of water, consume plenty of vitamins and eat plenty of greens. Food is what fuels your body and it is also what repairs it. This is your chance to try out some of those gorgeous recipes you’ve seen on Tasty, while also chipping away at your boredom. Oh, no alcohol okay. Want to get back to pumping iron, then no alcohol during recovery.

Real Rehab

The fastest way to get back onto your feet is to have a proper rehabilitation plan in place. Soft tissue massages, physical therapy, chiropractic care, sciatic nerve treatment, hydrotherapy; if it will help you in the long run then it should be considered. You don’t want the future you to pay for your mistakes now. Trust us on that.

Exercise time, after the injury has healed
Getting back to it with weights, after recovering from the injury. Always be safe and consult with a professional. Photo via Pexels.

Keep Your Brain Busy

The worst things about recovering from injury are the boredom and the constant tussling with your eagerness to get back out there, after all, there are only so many TED Talks you can watch. If it is a leg injury you are recovering from then why not ease into some upper body exercises, or if it is your upper body that suffered the injury then try some squats. Just remember to take it steady. You are in recovery and the last thing you want to do is make this period last longer than it has to.

19 thoughts on “Strong Women Suffer Injuries Too: Here’s How To Recover”

  1. Great post Christy and I like the statement “Strong not Skinny” very empowering and Rolly what a great tip re the ice for bruising x x x

    1. The comments here are helpful and so glad you found Rolly’s to be exactly that, Jennifer! Thanks for taking time here and hope your card orders are booming xx

    2. Oh yes no pressure, Jennifer with responding to messages ~ I’m thrilled your cards are receiving such a warm reception :) xx

  2. An interesting and informative post, Christie, and full of excellent advice. For a woman to be strong is much more preferable to being skinny. I’m not a fan of weights, but I’ve spent many years visiting the gym – although I’ve slowed down a bit now that I’m a septuagenarian. Lol :)

  3. At today’s time, its important for women to be physically, mentally and emotionally strong. Really liked this post

  4. I’ve just been on a lovely reading marathon here at your blog Christy. You’re on fire! You go girl with your most informative and inspiring posts. You certainly are a woman who inspires! <3

  5. Hi Christy…
    Great article as always and agree it is time the girls add a little weight and adding muscle is a great way through workouts.
    You mentioned ice if an injury occurs. Several years ago I discovered a great ice pack that wraps nicely around an injury, better than any ice pack, very simple and inexpensive.
    Add a cup of rubbing alcohol and two cups of water to a large zip lock making certain it is sealed tightly getting as much air out as you can. If in doubt add another zip lock baggie and toss in the freezer. I few hours later you have this amazing ice pack that retains the cold for very long periods of time. Just refreeze it and use it over and over.
    Hope this may help those who suffer and injury…

    Hugs as always

    1. Hi Rolly, wow that’s a great tip about the ice pack. Perhaps you could create a blog post about it or other natural remedies? I’m thankful for your visit xx

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