Bad Habits You Can Easily Replace With Good Ones, Without Hard Discipline

Bad habits? Let's change that.
Creating better habits. Let's do this! Photo via Flickr, CC by 2.0.
Bad habits? Let's change that.
Creating better habits. Let’s do this! Photo via Flickr, CC by 2.0.

In our fast-paced and disposable culture, it feels like everyone is looking for a quick fix. Not only a quick fix for our entertainment or food requirements, but also for our health, too. The modern person lives such a busy life that they can’t always keep a solid health schedule maintained and working for them.

Or can they?

I’d argue that they absolutely can. It doesn’t take a monumental effort to start building some positive life habits this very day. What’s even better is if you can reduce your negative habits at the same time, and replace those with the good. But what should you start with? How do you begin?

This article is here to help you.

Walk To Work

Walking to work, or walking a portion of your journey to work depending on the distance is a great way to keep yourself trim and healthy. Consider setting off 15 minutes beforehand. Walk to the train station and take the train instead of using the car a few days a week, especially in the summer. This will help you get outside in the fresh air more, you’ll be getting some useful exercise in the morning that will perk up your mental faculties, and you’ll be burning more calories than if you drove or took a taxi for the entire way.

It will also dramatically reduce your fuel bill, and any habit that saves you unnecessary spending habits is a great one to have to hand.

Get Outside More

Akin to the previous point, getting outside more reduces your stress, provides you with fresh air and deeply necessary vitamin D exposure from the sunlight. Getting outside, especially in nature will also reduce your stress levels. Instead of spending a sunday afternoon cooped up inside your property, why not make the effort to spread out with a picnic blanket in the local park? Your mental health will thank you.

Dietary Supplements

Fish oil for your joints, multivitamins to ensure you’re getting all of your health requirements, and zinc supplements to balance your testosterone if you’re male. This is all you need for a happy, healthy dietary boost. These are inexpensive and can cover a good diet solidly. Never worry about if you’re getting your health requirements again! Intermittent fasting is also a brilliant way to allow your cells to repair effectively. Eat for an 8-hour window and fast for 16 for the best benefits.

Less Smoking & Drinking

Smoking and drinking is plainly bad for you, no matter what angle you look at it from. Drinking isn’t too bad if done in small amounts, and sticking under the daily unit allowance is fine for most people. However, smoking, no matter the quantity will only serve to reduce your lifespan and give you a lower quality of life.

You needn’t quit cold turkey, instead of converting to a healthier option like vaping with SMOK box mods can help you reduce your tar and nicotine intake vastly. Temper your drinking habits by ‘supersetting’ your alcoholic beverages with water while you’re out, and drinking once every other weekend, as opposed to every weekend. It’s the little things that count.

To summarize, healthy habits needn’t be difficult to build. In fact, once you get to grips with them, you’ll absolutely prefer them to your old ways. As Aristotle said, ‘“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”’



  1. It comes down to loving yourself by making good choices for your health. Breakfast green smoothies, balanced diet with emphasis on veg/fruit and low carbs has worked for me. No white sugar/flour/rice, instead choosing whole grains. A treat once in a while is allowed, just not every day!

    • It’s great to hear you have found what works well for you, Eliza! I have never been a big fan of smoothies but it could be I just haven’t found the right one for me 😉 A treat now and then, YES!

      • Green smoothies (kale/spinach) are improved by carrot, banana and coconut, I find. I also like the zing of lemon and ginger. It’s worth experimenting to find a blend you like – every cell in your body will love you for it!

  2. Simply put, just like the immortal truths in this life. I never smoked, just drank once in awhile and quit it altogether. I do a lot af miles a day. In fact, I’m a waiter! Thank you, Christy! Have a great weekend.

  3. Do what works for you, so that it will become a habit, and something you look forward to. Walking works for me.
    Thanks Christy for sharing. I really believe, that when we have our health, we have everything.

        • Yes, I have a friend doing that right now.. It’s hard to watch but we can’t make them change if they’re not ready.. Talk soon xx

        • Change begins with our own willingness to change. All the opinions and advice doesn’t matter unless that individual takes a step forward. Okay 😊

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