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9 negative things to stop telling yourself

Stop telling yourself negative thoughts

The power of positive thinking is a message many of us are fully aware of. The theory behind that mantra is that you can improve your mental and physical health with a more positive outlook. But you might not realize the gloomy outlook you have. As you read the list below, consider if these negative things are in your head, and if so, it’s time to stop telling yourself them.

One way to work through changing your thoughts and beliefs is with Cognitive Behavior Therapy. CBT is a form of therapy that works by breaking down problems in your life that you are contending with and adjusting your thought processes to recognize negative distortions, focus on positives, and more. If you seek CBT therapy in Irvine, for instance, they can help you challenge negative thoughts and develop strategies to improve your outlook with different ways of thinking about problems.

It’s time to stop telling yourself these negatives

Negative thoughts are not helpful. Below are nine common examples of negative thinking patterns. By identifying them, you can start to challenge them to start to heal.

1. It’s a big problem (In reality, it’s not)

Exaggerating problems. When you’re overthinking it, that can happen! But is the world going to end because you were late to work one day? No. Will there be ramifications, likely including an uncomfortable talk with the boss? Yes. But you’ll get through it.

Don’t let one negative situation ruin your day. Try to look at the bigger picture and put what has happened in perspective. That can reduce its impact.

2. It’s this way or not (Nope, there is a middle ground)

This was me; I had this frame of mind before starting CBT therapy. My therapist called it “all-or-nothing thinking.” And that’s how I approached so many situations.

In reality, not everything is black and white, so stop telling yourself that it is. There is a middle ground. If you think that someone is always being bad to you, that leaves no room for altering your perception about them. Try to find the positives by finding the middle area.

3. You can’t improve (Reality check: There’s room to do better)

Believing that you are no good at something and never will be good at it is not a helpful thought process. I mean, where do you go from there? If you think like that, it’s easy to get hopeless.

In reality, you are unlikely to be as bad at something as you first think. So, tell yourself you can and will do better next time.

4. There’s no way to solve it (Ah, but there is a solution)

If you think negatively about a task or situation, you are unlikely to find a solution. That’s because you won’t genuinely be looking for one. And you attract what you believe so you best believe there is a way to solve it!

Try to take a more positive view; it will make it easier to find a way to make something work. On the other hand, if you never think you’ll find it, you won’t.

Negative self-talk quote

More Things to Stop Telling Yourself

5. You won’t be able to do it (Have faith in your ability!)

Some people have more natural confidence than others. That doesn’t mean you aren’t any good at anything; telling yourself negatives will destroy whatever confidence you have. By the way, you can increase self-confidence by being kind to yourself, recognizing your strengths, and many other ways.

When you are negatively thinking about yourself, that prevents you from achieving your true potential. If you didn’t succeed the first time around, try again.

6. Nobody appreciates what you do (Heads up: They do)

Everyone likes to hear some kind words of appreciation, whether realizing it or not. And not hearing any can get old very fast.

But don’t think you are not appreciated just because someone doesn’t always thank you for your help or kind words. You are often more appreciated than you realize. And, perhaps, they are showing you appreciation without saying it outright.

7. If you fail at something, you’re a loser (No, you’re learning)

Every successful person has overcome serious challenges and failures along the way. Don’t ever think that you are a loser. There is always a way to figure out how to succeed when you adopt positive thinking and don’t let small failures bother you.

And, it’s good to look at the flop as a learning experience. You’ll gain insights to help you do better the next time. Look at it as an opportunity to grow!

8. You are alone (Stop telling yourself that; it’s not true)

You can sometimes feel alone in the world if your brain tunes into negative thoughts. That’s where CBT can help you turn around that negative cycle.

The reality is there will always be someone in your life who cares for you. Keeping this positive thought in your mind can improve how you feel.

9. Your career will never improve (But it can!)

Most adults will feel that their career is stuck in a rut – or even going backward – at some point. And that can feel frustrating, for sure.

But if you let negative thoughts about your career consume you, it can quickly become a self-fulfilling prophecy. There is always another path to success that you can take.

Takeaway on why to stop telling yourself these things

When you turn these classic negative thoughts around, you can soon see what the power of positive thinking can do to change your outlook. If you need some help in this respect, CBT is a therapeutic approach that could change your mood and views for the better.

Do you find yourself thinking about any of the things on the list above? Which ones seem all too familiar? What is effective for you when spiraling in your mind to turn things around?

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  1. Thank you for sharing this very informative post. I have found CBT therapy very helpful for me! I practice all I learned from it daily. It takes a lot of practice to switch your thoughts around, but well worth it. I still sprial sometimes but I get out a lot quicker just by looking out my window and focus on my backyard that is filled with the wonders of nature. It grounds me and reminds me of what’s important

    1. CBT really can make a difference! It certainly did for me. I am glad you sought help too when needed, and that it’s been a benefit for you. Thank you for the share too. Wishing you a nice weekend ahead x

    1. Awwww Dimples, thank you for always pumping us up with information that we can use and apply to our lives. You interview a plethora of amazing women. You are an amazing woman and role model yourself! 🤗💖😍 Enjoy the rest of your weekend my dear! 🥂

    2. Oh my sweet Dimples you are so very welcome and I mean every word. Thank you too my dear friend for being an inspiration to all of us. 🙏🏽 Have a FANtabulous week! 😘🥂🥰

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