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Celebrating National Dog Day with celebrity dog trainer Chrissy Joy

Chrissy Joy celebrates National Dog Day

Welcome, dog lovers! Fur babies are part of many of your families, so let’s show them some love here. National Dog Day is August 26th, and who better to celebrate with than Chrissy Joy? The celebrity dog trainer has appeared on the TV shows Jimmy Fallon and America’s Got Talent. She is also an educator, International Trick Dog Champion, host of two shows, and much more.

Disclosure: This sponsored post highlights the furry friends who make you happy and how one woman is improving their lives.

Interview with Chrissy Joy

Chrissy Joy helps dogs in so many ways! As a celeb dog trainer, she educates through demos and workshops with BFF Pet Services and hosts DOGTV’s The Dog Moms. She is a dog mom herself and a mental health advocate too.

Let’s get to our conversation! I begin by asking how she got into this field as a professional before talking about National Dog Day.

I love that video! Please tell us more about your work — It’s wonderfully diverse.

Some titles we hold are National Stunt Dog Champion and International Trick Dog Champion. I host a show called The Dog Moms and the podcast as well on DOGTV. I also do a lot of other programs on DOGTV as well! On August 26th [is] the premiere of my newest show Farm Girl, with premiere on DOGTV.

We also do live performances and shows. We performed on America’s Got Talent and do exciting shows with our home team, the Bone-A-Fied Talent Group, as well as other companies nationwide. Not only are these shows filled with fast-paced agility, disc, and tricks – but I also offer workshops and seminars so people can learn new things with their own dog too.

Finally, our primary work is to provide my dogs for movies, TV, commercials, and more. This is something I dreamt of as a little girl. I would reenact scenes in my closet with my stuffed animals, just as I would see in certain shows or movies.

Today, we work through animal talent agents on many sets for feature films and challenging commercials needing dog talent. Our specialty is trick training and providing difficult tricks and moves for the big screen. Some movies and shows we have been a part of:

  • Agent Toby Barks starring Beasley
  • Junkyard Dogs starring Beasley, Darby, and cameo by Whidbey
  • Jimmy Fallon
  • And Just Like That…
  • Good Burger 2
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog (myself as a trainer)
  • Commercials for endless companies!

How did you get into training dogs as a career?

Spending my time with animals has always been an outlet that has made me the best version of myself. When I was a child, I dealt with a lot of anxiety and fear of even leaving my own home. Training and playing with my beagle, Angie, really allowed me to find peace and sparked my interest in training dogs.

As I grew up, I fell in love with riding horses, as well. This turned into a degree from Delaware Valley College with a Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies. In fancy terms, it means training and business with horses!

Dogs came back into my life in 2014 when I rescued my first dog (not a family dog) named Beasley. It was at this point I began training at a local facility in Maryland called BFF Pet Services.

Soon after beginning the classes, I was approached to consider being a Dog Trainer at their facility. Helping people and changing their lives with their dogs shed light on a beautiful new path of life, and I never looked back.

Today, not only do I focus on improving the lives of people and their dogs through content, events, and education, but also to focus on mental health.  I feel deeply about self-esteem and following your dreams.  I want to share in my passion for never giving up when the doors close and to believe in your own capabilities that you can bring to the table.

Here is a great link to my personal project about Anti-Bullying, which won a Telly Award:

Bullying devastates mental health. Your advocacy work is appreciated. Dogs benefit our mental health, too. Please share a bit about your own dogs!

I own a collective group of dogs called The Joy Crew. My first dog and rescue is Beasley. He is a 65lb red/brown mixed breed who came from a PA rescue from a litter of 14 puppies.  Today he is the 2021 International Trick Dog Champion and 2018 National Stunt Dog Champion. He is also known for playing fun games, such as Jenga, matching cards, and Connect Four.

I also have two border collies, Whidbey and Darby. These two have the same parents and are one year apart. Darby is the youngest titled Champion Trick Dog in the world. Whidbey loves skateboarding! These two enjoy competitive disc, agility, and performing tricks, along with their film career.

The newest pup to our group is Fuji – he is a 9-month-old Mini Aussie mix. He is learning lots of tricks and even had his first commercial! He is a bit smaller at just 23lbs. Fuji is learning frisbee and fun with my 6-year-old daughter, Elowen.

Adorable! National Dog Day is August 26th — Why is this day so important?

National Dog Day is a great day to celebrate the world of dogs! It is a day to investigate the importance of rescue dogs and finding homes for dogs in need. Also, to appreciate the many jobs that dogs provide to help others – including service and therapy dog work along with search and rescue… even cancer detection!

How do you plan to celebrate the special day?

We plan on celebrating the day with the premiere of our newest show Farm Girl on DOGTV. This is a show partnered with Purina to celebrate the world of dogs as well as the many wonderful things Purina Farms does for its community and animals. You’re going to see some things you did not expect!

Get a sneak peek of Farm Girl with Chrissy Joy

Congrats on the Farm Girl launch! You’re also eight episodes into The Dog Moms. What is that show about?

The Dog Moms is a feel-good and relatable deep dive into the world of being… well… a pet parent! We talk about stories, experiences, tips, and tricks of juggling being a DogMom while balancing life and a career. This is not about heavy dog training content but an open door to be raw about the good, bad, and not-so-pretty world of being a pet parent.

We even take on questions and stories from the audience, too! You can submit your own right on The Dog Moms website.

Terrific for pet parents! What is one of your favorite stories from the show so far?

One of my favorite stories is the fact that we all suffer with some sort of pet guilt – or as I call it – DogMom guilt.  That feeling that we aren’t doing enough for our career, our family, home, and pets.  We are hardest on ourselves.

I think it is important to give yourself grace in those most trying times and find a way at home that you can create a better balance. This is one of my favorite topics because I truly feel I can connect with the audience on a more personal level about life with dogs.

I can tell how important this topic is to you! What else can we expect to learn from episodes?

Each episode is designed to offer areas of education, personal stories from myself and my co-host Amber, while also sharing questions and stories from our viewers/listeners. The goal of the show is to connect on a relatable level with pet parents of all different backgrounds, experiences, and goals.

There is a unique wheel that we spin that stops on certain topics common in the pet community. We are given a certain amount of time to discuss the topic before moving on! It really allows for organic and non-scripted discussion.

From the working dog to the pet dog, there is something for everyone in our episodes. It is also available as a podcast as well – The Dog Moms – on Spotify and iHeartRadio.

Click the image below to check out The Dog Moms show and podcast:

The Dog Moms Watch Season 1 of The Dog Moms and tune into the weekly podcast! Photo: DOGTV Screenshot.

Interview with Chrissy Joy cont’d. Celebrating National Dog Day!

What are some topics you’ve covered so far on the podcast?

Many of the topics covered include areas of pet care, such as grooming and mental enrichment. We also cover ideas and ways we travel with our dogs and some tips and tricks that you can keep your dog physically and mentally fulfilled.

Some topics also include ways to incorporate your family into canine activities, which can only further your bond with your dog.  I love to find ways that you can not only keep your dog active and happy but also include the entire family.

There are many dogs in need. How can we help them, even if we can’t bring one home?

There are many ways that you can help dogs in need. From volunteering at a shelter or fundraising to donating food, toys, and other needed items found on a rescue’s wish list.

Also, there is the option to foster a pet until the right home is found. This gives the pet a safe place to decompress and learn about life at home, which could be an easier transition into a new home.

Did you know you could also help military families that go on deployment? There are places that seek homes to place dogs while someone may be deployed for up to a year.

How do you help rescues and shelters in partnership with KONG?

I am proud to be one of the selected members of the KONG “Believer Team.” This select group represents KONG and shares in their mission to help spread the importance of enrichment for our pets. Not only in our home but shelters and rescues!

We are currently working on initiatives and events that will help to bring enrichment toys to shelters and help educate the staff on the best ways to help dogs decompress, engage, and play with KONG toys.  This can help to reduce some of the struggles that dogs may feel when in a shelter, such as anxiety, fear, or boredom.

You’re also sharing dog tricks through online workshops! It’s more than just for fun — What purpose can tricks serve?

Tricks serve a vast and diverse role in the world of dog training and life with dogs. Did you know that service dog tasks are some tricks we enjoy teaching our dogs for live shows? At times, there can be some similar crossovers. Picking up and carrying items, pushing buttons, pulling, alerting, and using different props can be both entertaining and useful.

We have also used our trick training to raise awareness and funds for our Southern Maryland First Responders!

As you can see, dogs have the capability of doing a wide variety of trick training. Not only can this be useful for the handler and entertaining for some, but also offers a lot of mental and physical enrichment for the dog.

Dogs are taught to learn how to use their body and work with different props, which can aid in reducing destructive behaviors, anxiety, boredom, and stress. Dogs that have a lot of energy (I have three higher-drive dogs) will benefit from avenues that are not only physical exercise but push them to utilize their brain and practice impulse control and patience while completing a trick. The world of tricks is truly endless!

How do we sign up for your online workshops?

We will be releasing our online workshops soon! Be sure to stay tuned to where you will be able to sign up and access different tiers of the class. There will even be a chance to work directly with me on your training journey.

Thank you for being here to celebrate National Dog Day! Is there anything else you want to add?

My motto from the very beginning is “Take chances, make opportunities,” and I hope to inspire many to do the very same… with a dog or pet at their side. 😊

Connect with Chrissy Joy online

Connect with Chrissy Joy and the Joy Crew for appearances, upcoming workshops, creative online content, and more. See all services and events on the website!

See some pretty cute dogs doing cool things by following Chrissy and her Joy Crew on social media! They are on TikTok, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube.

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  1. Hi Christy. I’ve never owned a pet. I like dogs a lot, though (cats, not so much). Dogs amaze me. They have so many emotions, are so devoted to their owners, and they want to love and to be loved. In many ways, they are a lot better than humans!

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