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How to make your dog part of the family

Make dog part of family

Dogs can become very special family members. But it can take some time and effort to make this happen, especially if you adopt an older dog who is not used to you and your home. Or if your dog has a particularly timid personality. Although, over time, they’ll likely get used to you and become a valued part of the family, there are some ways to speed up the process and help everyone get along well. Here is some helpful advice to do this.

Establish rules and routines

It might seem as though establishing rules and routines would be something that would put a barrier between you and your dog rather than ensuring they become a member of the family. However, that’s not the case at all. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Dogs are pack animals, and there will always be a pack leader. If you can establish dominance by setting out rules that you help your dog learn to obey, they will trust you and do what you want them to do. They’ll settle into your home much more quickly; it’s instinct.

These rules also mean you can enjoy having your dog around. That is, rather than getting annoyed because they misbehave.

Train your dog to make them part of the family

Some dogs will immediately take to your rules and instinctively know to follow them. Others might not, and you’ll need to consider additional training.

If you want to make sure your dog settles in and becomes part of the family, the best option is in home dog training. They will feel comfortable and more relaxed in their home environment, which will help them learn more quickly.

Your dog should know basic commands like “stay” and “sit,” although you can train them to do more if you want to. When you have an expert take on the task, you will learn simultaneously as your dog, ensuring you both work well together and can form a meaningful bond that helps your dog feel like part of the family quicker.

Feeding them quality food is important, too, for their health and well-being. Consider a nutritional supplement, with Nutra Thrive reviews showing that some dogs seem happier and have softer fur with use based on the dosage on the label.

Involve them in activities

If you want your dog to be part of your family, ensure they are involved in family activities. If you are going out for the day, take your dog with you. This might mean rearranging plans for a dog-friendly day, but since they are part of the family, this is part of taking good care of them.

Don’t shut the dog away in a different room when you have friends and family around. They won’t understand why they can’t be with the people they love the most in their own house. Instead, ensure they are receive good training, as mentioned above, to behave appropriately around others.

Takeaway on making the dog part of the family

If you can involve your dog as much as possible in what you are doing, they quickly blend into your family. And it will be like they were always there.

What are some other ways for doggie to feel a sense of belonging?


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