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Let’s Use Our EQ on Women’s EQuality Day 2023

Women's Equality Day 2023

EQ stands for emotional quotient. It refers to one’s ability to positively understand emotions to reduce both stress and conflict. EQ is an example of emotional intelligence or EI in action. With that in mind, how do we improve our emotional quotient to benefit women given the gender inequalities that come to light time and again? What better time to delve into this discussion than on Women’s Equality Day!

YES, August 26th is Women’s Equality Day in the US. It is a day designed to bringing awareness to women’s achievements and strive for equality in all areas of life, personally and professionally. The day honors the adoption of the 19th Amendment in the US Constitution supporting women and denying the right to vote based on gender.

Improving EQ for equality

I think this could be a great slogan: Improve EQ for Women’s Equality! Let’s create signs, marching the streets peacefully and saying it loudly.

When communication is clear, we empathisize with one another, and we overcome conflicts, we are boosting our emotional quotient. Imagine how amazing the world could be if each one of us took the time and effort to do that, rather than putting one another down. We could all use a bit more education (some more than others, wink wink), and trying to make a better world comes through informed choices.

4 attributes of emotional quotient

I found a guide online on improving emotional intelligence and like how it delves into the four attributes of EI (EQ in action). Let’s look at applying each one on Women’s Equality Day and throughout the year to reach more equal footing:

1. Self-management

This includes controlling impulsive feelings and actions and taking initiative. Ok! So we can all learn from both the receiving and giving ends of behaviors that perpetuate gender inequality.

I was struck by the word initiative. Initiatives to change the system are a must, and leaders can break the glass ceiling in areas such as law enforcement. This guide from Maryville University is particularly interesting as it shows that when women are police officers, victims are more willing to report violent crimes and excessive force is less likely to be utilized. More women in policing can also build trust and community relationships, as per this resource.

But, while reducing bias in the person is a good start toward gender equality, it needs to happen on a systemic level. That applies to the workplace and other areas of life.

2. Self-awareness

Another part of EQ is self-awareness. That includes recognizing your emotions and having self-confidence.

This one is particularly interesting as in some situations I think as women we have our self-confidence thrown in our faces. For example, a strong and capable woman can be told she is being too aggressive in the workplace and be treated negatively for it.

With that in mind, we can be hesitant to be too strong in confidence, and that can have the effect of making us come across as weak. And passed up for a raise at work or another promotion.

3. Societal awareness

This is a big one in relation to Women’s Equality Day. After all, society is messed up from a gender perspective. It’s patriarchal, and so it sets women up to limitations. We find ourselves paid less for the same or similar work as men and cannot participate as equally as men in different parts of life.

I like to think, though, that if more people increase their emotional quotient, perhaps that could make for bigger change on societal scale. Society is disempowering us and only by changing the system itself can we make change. However, if not all of society is aware of the issues, how can that change happen? Yes, my head hurts too thinking about all of this.

4. Managing relationships

With a strong EI, you are better able to maintain strong relationships and manage conflict. Healthy relationships are built on equality, with each partner wishing the best for one another and showing respect. As we know, not all relationships are equal in the home, workplace, and elsewhere. Relationships here refer not only to romantic ones, by the way.

Maintaining equality rights and opportunities is what we want, and what we need to bring more awareness to on Women’s Equality Day and throughout the year. Let’s support one another around the household, provide mutual respect when dating and in marriage, and demand nothing short of equality outside of the home in the workplace, economy, politics, and elsewhere.

As earlier mentioned, the underlying society has to change. But keeping the conversations going and building emotional quotient is part of the way forward for change.

Wishing you an inspiring and thought-provoking Women’s EQuality Day!

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  1. To be honest and absolutely no disrespect intended, I do think it dilutes the message. And, I had to look up what it meant. Nice read something on the topic which was on topic for a change. Thanks.

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