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3 tips to help you solo camp safely as a woman

Solo camping safety tips

Camping is a great way to feel closer to nature and further away from the stresses of everyday life. While many enjoy camping with friends or family, solo camping can be a rewarding and empowering experience. However, it can also be intimidating if you’ve never done it before. And even dangerous. Understanding what you are getting into beforehand is a good idea so you can more safely solo camp as a woman and get a lot out of the experience. In this post are three helpful tips before you head out on your adventure.

Solo camping safely: 3 tips

Be safe! Before leaving, here’s what you want to do.

1. Plan ahead

Planning is essential for any solo camper. Make sure you research your destination thoroughly beforehand to know what to expect regarding weather conditions, wildlife, and any potential hazards.

Planning out all your gear and supplies before leaving home is also essential. Among the things to take are a tent, sleeping bag, food, plenty of water, cooking utensils, and a first-aid kit. Pack everything carefully so that nothing gets left behind that could cause problems later on.

The planning phase is even more critical if you will be camping during the off-season when the weather is cooler. Pack extra clothing, a thermal set for women, and tools to help you build a fire in an emergency.

Always make sure that your phone is charged too. That way, you can make emergency calls if it comes to that (hopefully, no emergency happens!) and use GPS to avoid getting lost.

2. Practice safety measures

Some additional safety concerns should be considered when camping alone as a woman. For instance, select campsites with good lighting (ask ahead when booking your spot) and carry self-protection equipment like pepper spray or whistles.

Another essential tip is to let someone back home or at the campsite office know where you’ll stay overnight. This way, they know your general whereabouts, just in case something unexpected happens.

Try to stick to areas where other people are around. That way, if something does happen, somebody is nearby to help you. You may want to escape civilization to bond with nature, but knowing somebody trustworthy is watching out for you is essential.

3. Set up camp during daylight hours

It’s always a good idea to set up your campsite before dark. This will make it easier to see what you’re doing and ensure everything is in order before nightfall.

Find a suitable spot to pitch your tent and create a comfortable living space. Check the ground for any rocks or sharp objects and any signs of animal activity like tracks, droppings, or scratch marks on tree bark.

Once you’ve set up your site and are ready to settle down for the night, start a fire so that animals know there’s someone present nearby. That may deter them from approaching closer.

Other considerations to help a solo woman camp safely

Please note that this is not an expansive list. It only a handful of the many things to consider if camping alone as a woman.

What are other considerations? Please share in the comments section below! Also, what do you love most about camping?

2 thoughts on “3 tips to help you solo camp safely as a woman”

  1. I’m not a camper. However, I wonder is it ever safe for either sex to go it alone?
    I suppose some like to be alone. I know I do. Still.. ?

    1. Yes, any gender could be unsafe camping alone. I focus specifically on women with my blog posts but you’re absolutely right. You won’t be camping, from the sounds of it, so you won’t have to worry 😘 Same with my hubby, he’s not a camper lol💗

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