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What is a Montessori bed?

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Almost every parent today has heard about the Montessori method at some point. But you likely have not heard of the montessori bed and its useful functions for children. From encouraging sleeping to building independence, this type of bed serves many purposes for developing kids. In this post, let’s discuss what this bed is, from the main features to the benefits.

Features of the bed

Transitioning from a crib or cot to a bed of their own is a big moment for a little human (and for parents!). With each month, your precious child grows and learns a new skill – It can seemingly be even faster!

They might hear “No!” a lot in the house, and now they can explore… In the form of a bed! Being able to get in and out of the bed, which is on the floor, is a big deal. As it is not elevated, it provides a safer bedroom. And the child can have fun walking around on it and being more independent.

According to Montessori principles, those who furnish a child’s bedroom or even a whole house try to counteract this tendency. The goal is to give young kids more autonomy and freedom of movement to be balanced and develop optimally. This also includes lying in bed and getting up when they want to. Thus, the Montessori bed is at ground level.

Based on the Montessori method

Here is some information about Montessori’s founder and principles:

Dr. Maria Montessori was a reformist educator from Italy. Her work continues to delight and inspire many educators, schools, and parents today. She focuses on the child and his natural desire for autonomy.

• According to Maria Montessori, children want to become autonomous and learn. Adults have the task of observing and supporting them, for example, by creating a supportive environment.

• A child has the right to sleep when they want to sleep, to wake up when well-rested, and to get up when they want to. Therefore, Montessori recommends abandoning the classic bed structure and replacing it with a very low bed at floor level or almost there, on which the child can lie down and get up at will.

Parents who follow this approach aim to follow the core principles to raise a more independent person. Someone who will know exactly what they want. At the same time, they will be able to solve their own problems. As you can see, the Montessori bed is much more important than just a place to sleep.

Advantages of using the bed

Using a floor bed for a toddler can seem strange to many parents. It seems wrong to sleep on the floor and so on. But is it? In fact, it’s individual to each family.

Here are some positive qualities of using a floor bed:

• The young child is not cramped on the bed floor; instead, there is a lot of room to move freely. They can go to bed or get up whenever they want. Children really need to move around a lot as they have a lot of energy, but traditional beds can restrict their freedom of movement, leading to restlessness and discomfort. A floor bed provides maximum space to move around.

• With a floor bed, young children can walk over to a toy shelf or bookshelf, look at a book, or play without adult permission or help. When they are a little older, they can decide for themselves when they get bored and lie down. Children often lie down in Montessori rooms to take a nap or rest in bed.

• Unless the baby is supposed to sleep in the parent’s bed or on an extra bed next to them, a floor bed in the child’s room is a convenient and comfortable alternative. You can lie comfortably next to your child and sometimes fall asleep next to them, creating a bonding experience.

A few last words on the Montessori bed

The safety of any child is paramount, so always keep that at the top of your mind when choosing a bed or anything else for the little one. If you are looking for a floor bed, ensure it is a safe sleep space. Refer to the manufacturer, your doctor, a sleep consultant and other professionals to make sure it is safe. Also, ensure that the rest of the room is safe too.

The Montessori bed is a modern form of child development. Parents following the Montessori method teach their children to be independent from a young age, with the goal to help them as adults, building confidence, fostering creativity, and more!

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  1. Interesting! It seems I was following this in my own way with my kids. We transitioned them from the crib (as soon as they could climb out of it) by putting the crib mattress directly on the floor. I think I did this at first to delay having to buy a new bed and bedding!

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