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World Art Day Q&A with Sculptor and Painter Mary-Ann Prack

World Art Day with Artist Mary-Ann Prack

World Art Day is April 15th. It is a day to celebrate art and creative expression. As per UNESCO, this special day provides an opportunity to encourage awareness of the diversity of artistic expressions and highlight how artists contribute to sustainable development. With that in mind, let’s recognize all that art provides us in every form it takes. In honor of World Art Day, artist Mary-Ann Prack comes to visit.

Q&A with Artist Mary-Ann Prack: Thoughts on Art, In Honor of World Art Day

Mary-Ann Prack is a sculptor and painter unlike any other I have seen. She has her own beautiful way of expressing herself, whether in sculpting, painting, or another medium.

I asked Mary-Ann two questions, and the insights in her answers were wonderful. Firstly, let’s talk about the role of art in the world.

1. What is the Importance of Art, In Your Opinion?

“Art, in all forms, is important for our spiritual, emotional, and intellectual well being and development. It helps us understand who we are as humans at any point in history and location on earth.

“The importance of art on my personal level is beyond words. To this point, creating art allows me to express myself in ways that traditional language cannot. My sculptures, paintings, and drawings are a true reflection of who I am.

“I realized at an early age how important it is to discover the ‘essence’ of who we are in this life, and feel blessed to be able to connect with mine through my art. Creating, living with, and ultimately sharing my art brings great joy, and inspires me to begin each day with a sense of excitement and purpose.” – Mary-Ann Prack, Sculptor/Painter

2. How Do You Think Art Can Contribute to Peace?

“Art in any form is an expression of what it is to be human. Experiencing art connects us through a language that has the potential to bring people together in harmony and understanding.

“Art reminds us of our similarities and differences, our dreams, beliefs, frailties, fears, joys … all that make us exquisitely human.

“Ideally, art is free to be interpreted by anyone and that interpretation will be as unique as the the artist and artworks themselves. I believe art is an important instrument in creating peace, whether on a personal, societal or global level.” – Artist Mary-Ann Prack

Enjoy Mary-Ann Prack’s Artwork on World Art Day, and Beyond

This Instagram reel features 20 of Mary-Ann’s artistic creations! Click below to watch it in full. And follow her on Instagram to see updates from her studio.

On World Art Day

Art can speak to humanity in ways that words cannot. Art has an important role in achieving and maintaining peace, as Mary-Ann explains in the second quote above so beautifully. I also like how she acknowledges the different forms of peace.

Art is influential. I understand what she is saying, in her first quote, about her pieces being a reflection of herself, as I feel that when I write creatively. I like how she describes the emotions she has, too, during the creation process.

I feel several different emotions when looking at her works. Awe, gratitude, interest, surprise, and joy. What do you feel as you look at her sculptures and paintings in the Instagram reel above?

If you missed the recent interview with Mary-Ann Prack, check it out here!


Photo of Mary-Ann Prack used with her permission.

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