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8 ways to unwind after a difficult work week

After busy workweek, it's time to relax

After a hard week at work, it can be difficult to relax and clear your mind of the concerns of your job. But, treating yourself could be just what you need to reinvigorate yourself. Try one of these eight ways of unwinding after a long work week.

1. Pamper yourself

Providing some self-care can help you feel like a new person. Try a pedicure, face mask, hair loss treatment, or bubble bath to freshen up your look. A little pampering can give you a boost and help you start the next week with more confidence.

2. Have a nice meal

Often, when people are busy, they settle for whatever food is quickest to make. If you have been popping leftovers in the microwave all week, you deserve a nice meal on the weekend. Whether you cook yourself something special at home or dine out at your favorite restaurant, give yourself something you’ll really enjoy.

3. Go somewhere fun

Remind yourself of your fun and adventurous personality by doing something interesting on your days off. You could go camping, visit a theme park, take a class, try a new bar, go for a hike or just meet up with friends. It doesn’t matter where you go as long as you put the worries of your work week behind you.

4. Stay in for the weekend

If rest is what you most need, you might want to stay in for the weekend instead. You can watch a movie or read a book. If you still want company without the hassle of leaving the house, invite friends over for a night in.

5. Buy yourself something special

After working hard, you deserve a special treat. Buy yourself something special to celebrate another successful week. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Even a small thing can help to remind yourself how wonderful you are.

6. Go on a date

Whether with a partner or someone new, a date can help you feel special and remind you that you have a life outside of your job. A fancy dinner, an afternoon coffee, or simply a walk in the park are perfect dates for the weekend.

7. Buy yourself flowers

A vase full of flowers can really freshen up your home for the weekend, and you don’t have to wait for someone to send you some. Buy some flowers as thank you to yourself for all your hard work. If you’re on a budget, pick your own in your yard or at your local park.

8. Exercise

After a long week at your job, the idea of exercising on the weekend may fill you with dread, but physical activity releases endorphins and can give you a much-needed boost.

Part of maintaining a healthy career-life balance is learning to let go of your work concerns on the weekend so you can focus on what makes you happy. Use your days off to relax, unwind and enjoy yourself so you can enter the next week refreshed and ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

2 thoughts on “8 ways to unwind after a difficult work week”

  1. You had me up until exercise! Lol!
    Then again, my idea of doing something fun, is walking for hours looking for art. So, I guess that counts!

  2. Great ideas! Buying myself something, even something small and cheap, makes me fell better. So does going somewhere fun. Sometimes getting a break from our normal routine is a nice refresher.

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