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5 creative interactive date ideas

interactive date ideas

Whether you two have been dating for a few weeks or a few years, going out on exciting and interesting dates is integral to keeping your relationship from going stale. To help keep your weekend date plans feeling new and different, read over the list of interactive date ideas below to get the inspiration flowing!

Interactive date ideas:

1. Interactive theater

As a deviation from standard live shows, consider going to an interactive theatrical performance such as the murder mystery Fort Myers experience. Interactive murder mystery shows invite the audience to play the role of a detective by providing clue sheets and incentives for solving the mystery that is played out on stage.

Other shows that invite audience participation may involve musicals that encourage feedback during the performance, such as responding with various lines to certain cues given by the performers.

2. Escape room

To keep up with the theme of interactive experiences, research local escape rooms in your area. Escape rooms provide a unique and fun opportunity to pair up with your partner to solve a variety of puzzles within a limited time.

Each escape room has its own unique theme and backstory that contributes to the puzzles you will be presented with.

3. Art classes

Even if you don’t consider yourself a lifelong student of the arts, taking a painting or pottery class with your date partner can be a fun way to bond over a new experience, whether your other half is an introvert or not. There are many classes that offer an adult take on embracing the arts by promoting wine consumption alongside painting or pottery.

For example, we have “paint nights” locally where the instructor guides you and a big group through the process of recreating a particular scene. It’s neat because in the end you look around and everyone took a slightly different take on the original print! No one’s is exactly the same.

4. Dance lessons are interactive ideas too

Look into local dance lessons for different forms of dance that are new to you and your partner. That way you’re both at the same beginner level and learn together.

For those who prefer a traditional feel, ballroom dancing is a great way to tackle the basics. For others who want something more lively, salsa and swing dancing may be more up your alley.

5. Geocaching

Lastly, for adventurous souls who love the outdoors, geocaching is a great way to get outside while tackling the excitement of a scavenger hunt on a global scale. Participants use various forms of GPS to go treasure hunting for geocaches that have been placed in various areas around the world.

After unearthing a geocache, participants sign the log to indicate their successful discovery before replacing the cache back into its hidden location. Geocaching with a partner is an excellent way to bond over the excitement of a treasure hunt and mutual enjoyment of the great outdoors. 

I remember being out for a walk and stopping at a bench by the water. Around me were people looking around a rocky area. I asked them what they were doing and a guy answered, “gocaching.” Now I know what that means ;)

Use the suggestions above to add an exciting twist to your next date night! What are some other interactive date ideas?

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  1. These are great ideas! It’s nice to actually experience and learn something new together with a significant other (instead of just watching a movie or something more passive like we often do)!

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