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These 4 mature dating statistics just might surprise you

Mature dating and love online

By your 40s, you’re getting to know yourself better than in your 30s and you’re sure as heck making wiser decisions than in your 20s. Or maybe that’s just me. If you’re single and mature and stepping into the dating waters again, read on to learn what you can expect. These mature dating statistics might not be what you expect either!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by SingleAndMature. I have been compensated for writing it, but rest assured all opinions are mine.

1. More mature women are single than before

More females between ages 45 and 59 are single than in 1980, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. For exact numbers, the Bureau count is 29% now, in comparison to 18% in 1980. Of course, there are many reasons for it, whether it be divorced, widowed, or simply single.

And those ladies aren’t shying away from dating. In fact, 70% regularly go out on dates. Furthermore, 38% report having sex once a week or more often.

Looking at this mature dating statistic, I’m thinking that’s great that women are staying social as relationships, whether friendship or otherwise, are good for our mental and emotional health. Plus, the positive effects of giving and receiving hugs have been proven!

2. Gender differences in desirability

As for online mature dating specifically, recent research found that age preferences for mates weren’t the same for both men and women in four big U.S. cities (Boston, Chicago, New York, and Seattle). Specifically, the desirability of women as heterosexual partners decreased with their age.

Here are more details. The majority of heterosexual males found females less desirable with age; it was a steady decline from age 18. But this was not so for women’s perceptions of males online. In fact, men’s desirability increased in their 40’s and 50’s!

After reading the research, I immediately thought of my female friend in her 50s who says all the men around her age want younger women. But please know this is only one study of four cities and NOT all men are focusing purely on numbers.

Besides, a confident woman in her 40s and older is dynamic and beautiful, from the inside out. Furthermore, a mature woman often is self-assured in the bedroom as she knows her body and pleasure.

3. Mature dating: singles are still optimistic

This insight is one that I like to read! As the Pew Research Center found, Americans aren’t ready to give up on love. In the Pew survey, 88% of respondents said “love” was the main reason for marriage.

It might well be that we all know divorced people, but that doesn’t mean that people are sure they’ll never fall in love again. Yup, there are some people, I know them too, who swear they’ll never marry again. But

The second most common pick for why marry was to “make a lifelong commitment.” In third place at 76% was “companionship.”

These are all amazing benefits of romantic relationships. As many of you know, I’m getting married in November, and I have to say it is amazing to have found a partner who loves me unconditionally. And yes, I’m 40, not 20-something.

4. It’s not all about marriage

But while I mentioned marriage in the mature dating stat above, a 2017 report found that more than half of Americans don’t feel getting married is a milestone of adult life. This census report focused on changes in young adulthood from 1975 to 2016.

This makes sense as many people wait longer than before to have a child. Women such as myself have put their careers first to build them up before starting a family.

Also, I, for one, know many people who are happy rocking the single life or content with their partner (married or not) and don’t intend to have children. For each person, “happy” looks a bit different, and I want everyone to feel happiness.

If you’re dating over 50 and having a blast then keep doing you! It doesn’t have to mean that you end up getting married, or it might mean that you do. The great thing about the future is that we never really know what’s ahead!

Your thoughts on mature dating stats

Are these numbers what you expected? Are you on the dating scene online or have you been before? Let me know your experiences in the comments section below!

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  1. Loretta Sayers

    I met John through Match when I was 52 and he was 47. We are married now, but if something were to happen and I found myself single again, I wouldn’t remarry.

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  2. Over here, if I pass. It is more for those who do not have commitments. As a reading, it is also interesting to know how things are today. Very good your entrance.

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