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Life coach Lakendra Jones on the power of faith and family

Lakendra Jones

Today’s spotlight is on Lakendra Jones, a woman of faith whom I recently met through @kalenabowers on Instagram. I was struck by the positivity that radiates from certified mindset life coach Lakendra and the strength of her faith. Whether you are religious or not, I hope you see what I see – A woman raising up other women and building a tight-knit community.

Interview with Lakendra Jones

As you will notice in our interview, Lakendra’s words are light. She is definitely a leader, and she is using her strengths to spread faith and confidence with She Hive Ministries. Let’s get to the interview with this entrepreneur and life coach!

You are creating a magnificent community of positivity online at She Hive Ministries! What exactly is She Hive Ministries?

It was a vision from 2011 yet birthed in the Fall of 2021. She Hive Ministries is structured to assist women who are called into ministry and or leadership. There are two platforms where they are invited to learn Biblical and Lifestyle skills.

She Hive Ministries is an Online platform. We offer Let’s Connect, which is a Bible Study every Monday night. She Hive Ministries meets every Saturday morning on the Clubhouse App.

Right now, there are several ladies who are a part of the Ministry, and as of right now, one Ministry is under our covering. We are launching in-person seminars, conferences, and courses Fall 2023.

Please share a bit about what your average day looks like as a certified mindset life coach?

My average day looks like a lot of love and compassion, yet with reading, praying, and researching as I allow God to pour into me first. I am always in question Mode and, at the same time, listening. On any given day, I believe it looks quiet, yet at any time can get extremely busy.

Why did you choose life coaching as a career?

I didn’t choose Life Coaching; it chose me. No matter where I find myself in Life, I’ve always been drawn to a need, a resolution, and here’s what’s blessed me, someone who doesn’t or who hasn’t had something I had or have that God has allowed me to share with.

As I found myself always in connection with others, in exchange came resolve, resolution, and restoration. I wouldn’t even at times consider it a career as I’ve given more love, compassion, and encouragement than one can ever pay for, yet it’s the reward of The Lord, so it’s been truly worth it.

What mindset skill do you wish more people knew about, and why?

I have found perseverance to be one of the greatest, yet also believing in yourself. To be open, to be honest, and to always identify areas of past hurts, trauma and/or unbelief.

You ask why? It’s because without it, we are just “LIFING” and it’s my belief that your thoughts create things and 50% are fixed mindsets. I’ll always encourage changed behavior, consistency, and conversation to change the narrative of life so they can truly evolve.

What are some goals you helped people realize and achieve as a coach?

Living in FREEDOM and total Healing and Restoration. To see themselves how God sees them. To become who they were destined to become. That nothing is too hard or of a challenge because there’s truly greater inside of them.

To speak positively and to always be thankful and grateful. To realize also that a square will never fit into a circle, yet a square is still connected to something.

She 8*12 Tee
She 8*12 Tee from She The Head Coach. Photo used with Lakendra’s permission.

In your catalog of inspiring products is the She 8*12 tee. Please share a bit about this message and how it relates to She Hive Ministries.

My Beloved Grandmother, Mrs. Blanche Jones, who transitioned 23 years ago. The 812 was her home address, and the very day last year as it was spoken that something was going to happen on that day 15 days before the day, and when I heard not even thinking or realizing that it was a connection, I just believed something was going to happen. August 12, 2022, I would launch a business that The God gave me some years before, but I didn’t quite have it altogether.

The S.H.E. stands for strength, Heal and Evolve. At times, I do add the “ ING” to it. We also after the men were asking about it because SHE touch so many, we added HE to the collection.

She wouldn’t have wanted it no other way. She wanted at that time young girls to feel whatever they wanted to feel yet believe also that they can. I remember when the vision came to me, I just began writing. There’s a lot more to this, and this Fall we will host our First S. H. E. Conference. She Hive Ministries is connected through the Love and compassion for all people.

Your grandmother would be so proud of you. How do you keep your faith strong?

Prayer. Prayer has changed everything in my life. Learning that nothing in my life is more important than communicating with God keeps me going and definitely has keep me strong. I also live a Life of Fasting and consecration. I believe also in Love and that God loves me. He’s a jealous God and that’s also what heals me to stay faithful.

Who inspires you, Lakendra Jones?

My children, my grandchildren and my Mother. The Kontent Kommunity, there’s several leaders and the lives that the people who thank God for me being an inspiration to them.

Connect with Lakendra Jones online

Lakendra explains that her networking platforms are under construction. In the meantime, find out more about Lakendra Jones at She The Head Coach and email her directly at

On social media, reach out on Instagram at @shetheheadcoach and @kontentkommunity. Also, find Lakendra Jones on Facebook, and she is on TikTok at @sheprophetic

All bookings can be made via email or any platform Direct Message. Lakendra is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Top photo: Meet Lakendra Jones of She Hive Ministries. Photo by Nathan Pearcy with NP Photography LLC.

8 thoughts on “Life coach Lakendra Jones on the power of faith and family”

  1. Lakendra Jones

    There’s no words to describe how thankful and grateful that I am to be apart of this platform. I knew when I met Mrs. KaLena that my life would change and it did. I don’t know why The Lord chose me to lead, I’m just thankful it was His love, His trust and grace on my life to share with others. Thank you ladies. I pray that the women who comes in contact lives will forever be strengthened, healed and elevate. God bless you.

  2. Christy, this is such a powerful interview of a phenomenal woman and human being. She has personally impacted my life by successfully coaching and encouraging me ~l over both personal and professional hurdles. Thank you for extending this plarform to an individual that definitely exceeds the title of “A Woman Who Inspires” I am forever grateful to have her in my life!!!!!

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