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7 Tips to Juggle Business and Family, from Coach Allison Seller

Coach Allison Seller

Balance. It’s something many women struggle with. To provide insights on juggling business and family better for success, coach Allison Seller guest posts today. As a renowned Vancouver business coach, she has helped entrepreneurs worldwide become more effective leaders, boosting confidence and improving efficiency. Welcome, Allison!

Coach Allison Seller: 7 ways to juggle business and family for entrepreneurs

For many women entrepreneurs, finding the right balance between business and family life can seem far-fetched, in my opinion. Juggling competing roles and responsibilities is no easy feat. But it is possible to succeed as an entrepreneur while raising a family.

Women who foster both a successful family life and a thriving business can become models for other aspiring entrepreneurs. With creative thinking, wise decision-making, and an indomitable will, any professional woman is capable of transforming her dreams into reality.

The key is planning strategically, using methods that increase efficiency and productivity in order to maximize results.

By eliminating any unnecessary stressors from your routine, you will be able to focus on what truly matters — building a successful business and creating lasting memories with those closest to you. With foresight and intentionality, any woman entrepreneur can become a master at managing multiple requirements so that everybody reaps the rewards of their ambition. I’ve done it, and I want to share with you how you can too.

1. Draw strength from family

Strength comes in many forms, but when you’re building a business as a woman, there is no better source than family. Having your closest friends and relatives to support you as you tackle the challenges of entrepreneurship can make all the difference.

Family provides a sense of security that allows us to take calculated risks without fear of failure. With their support, we are encouraged and feel empowered to face challenges and strive for success.

This strength takes various forms, from dependable advice and age-old wisdom to unyielding motivation and sheer camaraderie.

But it isn’t just those involved in the business that benefits from family ties — loved ones on the outside can provide an invaluable perspective on things often overlooked when in a ‘bubble’ of work. They can be a calming presence or encourage us with supportive words.

Additionally, having a solid home life often brings balance and helps sustain our energy over time to reach professional goals.

When starting out or dealing with disruption, what I found was that drawing strength from family helps us to remember why we do what we do and that it isn’t just about money or vanity.

Instead, combining values of money creation with the pursuit of meaning will pave the way for lasting prosperity while binding everyone together as one tight-knit team.

2. Develop from the inside out

Your mental and physical well-being is as important as your resilience — mastering ways to keep up with the tasks of entrepreneurship while tending to your family changes. Developing a strong connection between body and mind will power you through hectic times of work, home, and self-care.

Meditation and relaxation have provided me relief from the barrage of stresses that come with the journey toward success as a businesswoman. Extend this practice into physical activity when possible, as regular exercise has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase growth hormone levels that aid in cognitive development, promote healthy sleep patterns, improve natural immunity, and bolster positive thinking, just to name a few.

Whether it’s a private gym session or time away outside for team sports, nourish yourself first so that projects benefit from your refreshed energy too.

Employing strategies like yoga, though initially uncomfortable, can offer newfound respite, allowing for restorative periods during times of peak difficulty. Incorporating deep breathing exercises into your daily routine can go on to regulate the psychological balance between decisions at work & relationships with those dearest around you – propelling you through various curveballs along life’s winding path ahead.

Ultimately, persevere towards finding success in life by diligently exercising strength within — both mentally & physically— knowing that you’re bracing yourself better than ever before against an ever-exciting future.

3. Finding more time in your day.

Shorten the daily commute and find more time in your day to pursue business dreams and balance family life. Public transport links may not be convenient for many, so factor in a few alternatives. A bike, carpooling, or working remotely helped make a world of difference for me in reclaiming precious hours each day.

To get the most out of your entrepreneurial journey, plan ahead and act on those plans. Automate those tasks that take up a lot of mental energy and make lists of things to do when arriving home from work or school to ensure efficient use of time every day.

Look for places closer to home that are good places to work on your project or have spare moments with the family, such as cafés, libraries, or grass parks nearby. You’ll likely find some great ideas while you’re at it.

Involving your family with residence-based businesses might also be beneficial in creating additional quality time together.

Finding ways to simultaneously develop business models while maintaining family responsibilities without feeling overwhelmed is paramount when running a business while caring for children in the long term.

Remember that any journey starts with just one step. Take inspiration from new strategies and techniques, such as the ones I suggest here so that you can continue optimizing your commuting time and balancing it with developing what matters most – enjoying life’s precious moments and growing a successful venture along the way.

Juggle family and business quote
Juggling family and business requires stability. That leads to growth. A powerful quote from business coach Allison Seller.

More tips from coach Allison Seller on juggling family and business better:

4. Stability is the key for women entrepreneurs

Stability is essential for both business and family life. Putting in the groundwork to lay a solid foundation helps create an environment where collaboration and growth are possible. Every individual woman business owner has unique needs, so understanding how yours work together enables you to create effective solutions.

It’s important to establish guidelines that enable everyone involved to feel heard and respected. Set clear boundaries and prioritize tasks accordingly. Respect each other’s time and space when needed, as this allows your family unit to stay connected while also allowing each person enough time and privacy to focus on their own needs.

Also, what I learned was that it’s important to make sure that everyone understands their roles within the business or household units, allowing them to make informed decisions with confidence.

Developing processes such as goal setting or creating chore charts can help navigate through difficult times more efficiently together. All these steps create an environment of mutual understanding, trust, and respect – strong pillars for lasting success in both business and family life.

5. Business discussion is always an option

Families come first, but businesses come a close second. With a delicate balance, I sustainably grew both my career and my family.

Business discussion is the key to finding that harmony. It’s a conversation that helps spouses adapt, plan and strategize their way to success. It means weighing short-term sacrifices against long-term successes and understanding what compromises need to be made along the way.

The conversation will vary from individual to individual, but it should cover topics such as commitment levels, financial goals, and workload plans for both parents – ensuring equal attention for each area of your life.

It’s also important to discuss potential bumps in the road together, and you can plan strategies to deal with any future crises instead of struggling with them alone.

By openly discussing business decisions in an informed manner, couples cultivate trust while strengthening relationships at home and on the job.

6. These two times in the day can make a difference

Early mornings and late nights can be key for succeeding in both arenas. For the woman entrepreneur who is struggling to balance business, family, and personal growth, resetting their circadian rhythm by getting up early or going to bed late can make all the difference.

While most of society is asleep and not competing for time or attention, those few extra hours can be used towards fostering relationships with customers and networks, solving a critical project issue, creating undisturbed space to think creatively, or simply just taking a moment to build meaningful practices into our working day.

When we focus on the things that are important at those moments when we have the greatest concentration and focus – without interruption – results come faster, especially if you display dogged determination.

Keeping laser focus despite being outside traditional working hours grants us freedom, clarity of thought, and greater chances of success on every front personal, professional, and familial alike.

In short, find your own clockwise balance of productivity as I did so that you, too, can keep building, growing, and flourishing even as everyone around you gets some restful shuteye.

7. You can’t do it all in your company

Delegation is the way to go when building a woman-owned business and managing a family life. Trust deserving staff members, executive colleagues, and even external service providers who share your work ethic and values to carry out tasks that don’t need your full attention or expertise.

This will grant you space to focus on the must-dos of higher priority and complexity (this strategy made a big difference for my coaching business).

Simplify, distill, and categorize action items into what needs to be done, where it needs to be done, by whom it should be done, and when the task should be completed. Making sure those involved are aware of expectations can greatly increase efficiency while streamlining progress.

Remember yourself in this process because self-care comes first and foremost. While an emphasis on productivity may result in achieving goals faster, make sure restorative natural breaks are taken as part of your personal schedule.

Allowing for breaks adds freshness to your daily workflow – doing so keeps creativity alive and dramatically improves our ability to formulate quality solutions quickly with consistency.

Finally, ensure you’re familiar with the capabilities at hand – understanding which skills require in-depth supervision from you will undoubtedly save time from managing mundane duties better delegated elsewhere.

Make use of these discoveries wisely so that the careful balance between workaholic tendencies, efficiency hacks, and mindful living is balanced well within reach — enabling both exponential growth at the workplace as well as joy at home with family.

Summary for success juggling business and family

Juggling the demands of a business and family can seem insurmountable for any business owner, but for women entrepreneurs, these demands can appear daunting and overwhelming. But what I have found is that with creativity and dedication, it is possible to make both things work.

It’s important to remember that there are strategies to help streamline processes and make managing both worlds easier. From delegating tasks, setting achievable goals, implementing automated systems, embracing digital tools, and taking care of yourself mentally and physically.

These are all key components in balancing a business life alongside personal life.

Ultimately, women entrepreneurship is about creating freedom and flexibility for you, your family, and your team. By staying motivated, and organized, learning new skills, and finding ways to maximize your time – you, too, can have it all.

About today’s writer, coach Allison Seller

Allison Seller is a business coach that helps entrepreneurs develop new strategies to accelerate their success. With extensive experience in driving technological and economic change, she’s passionate about helping individuals, startups, and small businesses reach their full potential.

Drawing on her business background, she blends engaged problem-solving with keen insight to help drive meaningful and tangible outcomes. She specializes in providing personalized strategies and action plans tailored to individual business goals to give entrepreneurs the support they need to make well-informed decisions.

Allison works with clients from different industries – from creative entrepreneurs to corporate executives – because she believes everyone should have access to knowledge and resources for success. As a business coach, she looks forward to helping more people turn their vision into real-world results.

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Feature photo: Meet Allison Seller. Photo used with Allison’s permission.

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