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3 tips to learn to like cooking more

Learn to enjoy cooking

Cooking. My husband and many of our friends and family like to cook. I want to make meals more – my hubby does the bulk of it as she loves finding new recipes – so I’ve meant to write on this topic for a while. Can you learn to like cooking? Here are three tips to help you (and me) get there!

Firstly, why cook at home?

Home cooking is, without a doubt, the healthiest way to eat. However, after a long day when you are tired and just want to relax, cooking might not be high on the list of things you want to do. This causes a lot of people to choose unhealthy food options, like microwave meals, pre-packaged foods, and takeout. If you want a healthier lifestyle, you must create more meals from scratch.

To do so, you may need to change how you view cooking. It doesn’t have to be a purely functional thing; it can be much more fun than that.

How to learn to like cooking

To help, here are a few ways to get more enjoyment out of cooking:

1. The kitchen

An excellent way to encourage you to cook is to make the kitchen where you want to be. Having a pleasant space will help you get more enjoyment out of the recipes you make there.

If your kitchen has not been upgraded for a long time and you have the budget, perhaps a renovation is needed. If that is not something you can afford right now, there are many other ways to make the kitchen more pleasant. For example, improve the ambiance by adding a little speaker or playing upbeat music through your smartphone. You might find you’re in a better mood while mixing the ingredients when one of your favorite songs comes on.

Also, consider putting up some floating shelves and displaying some ornaments or plants. Or, upgrade your backsplash, paint the walls to refresh the kitchen and hang some artwork.

Mirrors can make a small kitchen appear larger too, as well as rebound light. If your kitchen’s on the small side, how about a few space-saving things like a table that flaps up from a wall to give you somewhere to sit?

There are many inexpensive ways to revamp your kitchen. Try a few of them and, hopefully, they inspire you to spend more time in the kitchen.

2. New ideas

Cooking the same things over and over is a surefire way of making cooking boring. Instead, keep the weekly meal plan interesting by finding new ideas and experimenting.

If you start cooking new mains and sides, as well as learning new cooking techniques, your mind – and taste buds – will thank you. That’s especially true when others try the new recipes and tell you how yummy they are!

If you have kids, why don’t you all choose new vegetables in the vegetable section of the store and cook those over the course of the week? Why not buy a cookbook, or go to the library and borrow the oldest recipe book you can find? There are so many great recipes out there like this classic french au poivre. The more you can mix up the weekly meals and try new things, the more likely you are to enjoy the time cooking.

Some recipes are even easier than ordering takeout. They can become staples at the dinner table.

3. Mix herbs and spices

Have you ever looked at all the herbs and spices out there? There are so many choices! Spices are usually stronger in flavor than herbs.

Among the most popular are parsley, mint, basil, garlic, and rosemary. Whether dried or fresh, they can add a punch (or more subtle flavoring) to dishes.

To make things more interesting, start buying a few different spices at a time and testing them out. What goes well in the usual coating for the chicken to enhance it? Is there a specific seasoning to make the broccoli side dish more interesting?

Even go a step further and mix herbs and spices to create a unique blend. Who knows, you might start giving it out as tasty Christmas presents!

You could also start growing herbs like I have (basil, oregano, and more). This activity is a fun thing to do with kids too.

Learn to enjoy cooking – Let’s do this

Are you with me? Let’s get enthusiastic about being in the kitchen.

What are some other ways to make meal prep and cook time more fun? Add more tips in the comments section below!

14 thoughts on “3 tips to learn to like cooking more”

  1. Good tips! I have enjoyed cooking for a long time, and we got our kitchen counters redone last year (maybe 2021, I can’t remember). It certainly enhanced my enjoyment of being in there. I also like to discover new recipes, new ways to cook chicken and other things. One of my favorite recipe websites is Emily Bites.

    1. Thank you for telling me about the Emily site, Jeff! It helps to have a go-to place for recipes ~ Especially when they make it fun! That’s great about your countertops, and I hope you make an awesome dinner tonight πŸ™‚

    2. You’re welcome! And it turned out pretty good. I think I put a tad too much onion in it, but it was still pretty good.

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