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CEO Rachael Cabreira, FNP-C Reflects on the Women Who Inspire Her

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This Women’s History Month guest post is from Rachael Cabreira, FNP-C and CEO. You may remember her from our two-part interview on increasing libido. Rachael’s reflections below reveal how the women around us help shape who we are and how we grow over time.

‘Beautiful Women in My Life’: A Guest Post from CEO Rachael Cabreira

Celebrating Women’s History Month is such a special time of the year. I reflect and think, “what woman has inspired me” … and my answer is:

“It has been a lifelong experience of many women who have inspired me and helped me grow into the woman I am today.” – Rachael Cabreira

My great-grandmothers, grandmothers, my beautiful mother, my sister, my daughters, my aunts, and my girlfriends have all inspired me in different ways, allowing me to grow and nurture my life. Bringing humbleness, strength, and beauty into my everyday life.

They have all empowered me with so many examples of truly the beauty of being a human being. All these women have inspired me in ways to believe in myself, don’t take “can’t” for an answer and never change who you are.

I have a picture of my grandmother with a boa on in her ’70s, just loving life and embracing her natural beauty… Feeling sexy and confident should be added in some way in your everyday life. Instilling the connection of the mind, body, and spirit.

Over the years of my career, I have had several colleagues who are women who have inspired me in so many ways, exemplifying and empowering women in business. I have continued to learn through these relationships how to continue to empower other women in our careers.

For me as Provider, very dear to my heart are all my women patients. Listening to their stories, their lifelong journeys, has inspired me to continue the passion and dedication and embrace the true, real, humble conversations of living a life as a woman. The many hats we wear, the thing we love, the things we struggle with, and how as women, we just strive to want to be the best we can be and live life to the fullest.

This has continued to drive my passion to develop my practice; to fill the gaps and unmet needs of women. Addressing specific challenges and opportunities that lie within the areas throughout their lifespan and promoting healthy aging. Creating personalized protocols for preventative health measures, optimizing lifestyle and longevity. Developing conversations that were once taboo and building relationships to support women’s health.

Sending so much gratitude and love to all these amazing women!

Rachael Cabreira

About today’s writer Rachael Cabreira

Rachael Cabreira is the Founder and CEO of Innovative Wellness, Inc. and Pure Vitality, Inc. Her credentials include RN, BSN, MSN, FNP-C, Certified Sexual Health Clinician, and Certified Anti-Aging Specialist.

At Innovative Wellness, Inc., Cabreira brings over twenty-three years of specializing in obstetrics, infertility, urogynecology, pelvic, sexual, and hormone health to provide a holistic, non-surgical approach to wellness.

Rachael strives to enrich her practice with the most ground-breaking scientific proven services and treatments to give patients options and resources that optimize their most intimate wellbeing, connecting the mind, body, and spirit. Cabreira is passionate about bringing freedom, dignity, and empowerment to those who suffer from pelvic and sexual dysfunction and other disease processes.


Top photo: Meet Rachael Cabreira, FNP-C. Photo courtesy of Rachael.

12 thoughts on “CEO Rachael Cabreira, FNP-C Reflects on the Women Who Inspire Her”

  1. Christy, this is an awesome spotlight. I love the way all of the women in Rachael’s life have collectively inspired her to continue driving her passion to develop her practice for others. Such inspiration is contagious! Thanks so much for sharing her story! 🤗💖🥰🥂😘

    1. Hi Kym! Yes, Rachael, is driven to help others in her practice. She gives back and remains grateful to the women in her life for their lessons ~ I’m so glad you saw the heart of this message 🤗❣️

  2. My favorite part of reading this was “I have a picture of my grandmother with a boa on in her ’70s”. Let’s clap it up for granny. What a Diva, in her own right! That picture would inspire me to no end! Women are remarkable!

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