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5 kitchen renovation trends leading the way

Kitchen renovation trends

Property owners will need to update their kitchens at least every ten years to get the full value out of their homes. The living spaces make it easier to determine the age of the home, and a dated kitchen could decrease the value dramatically when it comes time to sell the home. If you’re not sure what’s current, here are five kitchen renovation trends that are turning heads. Check them out to decide which one suits your house.

1. Large windows behind the sink

Instead of adding standard windows behind the sink, more homeowners have opted for larger options that open up the living space more dramatically. The windows take up more space, but they give the homeowner a breathtaking view of their property’s exterior.

The modern windows allow more natural light to flow into the property, helping the interior look brighter and bigger. When reviewing trends like this one, homeowners can get more advice from kitchen renovation contractors now.

2. Reno trends: Bold color around the kitchen

Most kitchen designs have one primary color, and the homeowners use it for everything. Today, this trend isn’t as popular.

Instead, many people are choosing a base color for the walls around the kitchen and using a bold color to add accents throughout. For example, you might paint the walls white and add blue or green to the molding around the room.

Next, you could paint the cabinets darker color. It’s a great choice for adding a pop of color to the living space and adding more character to the kitchen.

3. Tile across the entire wall

Tile has become really popular with kitchen designs these days. More homeowners are tiling the entire kitchen wall instead of painting them.

Why? It adds a more modern spin on a kitchen design and makes it easier to clean.

There are different options, from adding tile only around the counter space or from the floor to the ceiling. Yes, the whole wall! On the other walls, hang metal artwork if you like the industrial decor look.

4. Creating more organized spaces

As people watch more organizational design shows on TV than ever, they are getting lots of ideas. That includes how to get more storage into rooms.

Custom built-ins are great for that. So are floating shelves.

You also could add cabinets in the kitchen for more space to store dishes and glasses. The designs must be more functional, of course.

With the right organizational flow, these additions can cut down on your cooking time. When contractors review the kitchen, they can find more ways to improve organization and convenience.

5. Walk-in pantries

A major bonus in kitchen designs these days is walk-in pantries. Property owners are no longer restricted to tiny pantries that are harder to navigate and make things hard to find too.

Instead, the modern open spaces give you plenty of room to walk around and grab food items or even small appliances without difficulties. Popular designs feature shelves, racks, and even drawers.

When reviewing the design, it is best to consider what makes the most sense for the pantry entrance and size. Then, think about the spacing and height of shelving to optimize storage.

Concluding words on kitchen renovation trends

A kitchen remodeling project can help you fall in love with your home or home-based catering business again if it feels outdated or you’re simply tired of the current design. The project can also improve your property value and make the home more functional.

By choosing the best trend, you can get more out of your investment. Plus, having a kitchen that looks great might just inspire you to try some new recipes and socialize at home more!

4 thoughts on “5 kitchen renovation trends leading the way”

  1. I have a butler’s pantry.
    My apartment is from the late 1800’s. There is a pantry between the kitchen and dining room.
    Here, one stores the good dishes, in a lovely cabinet. Also, there is counter space for cold courses, ready to go and carried in at the last moment. Desserts can be lined up here.
    After dinner, dishes can be quickly taken away with help of the pantry’s space.
    It’s a long forgotten system for entertaining.

  2. I do believe, Christy, that I would need to move my kitchen in order to remodel. It’s in the middle, so to speak, of the house with a skylight. I would dearly love it to be near windows and get sunshine.
    Loving all the ideas on offer!

  3. I love watching television shows when they are remodeling homes. A person can stay up with the modern trends that way. We have an older home, and our kitchen could use an update but we may leave that to the next owner. If remodeling to sell, one must not get too crazy with colors.

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