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5 fields where women have made an unprecedented impact

Impact of women at work

While men have dominated many areas of business, and continue to do so, in some sectors, women have still made important achievements. Want some examples? Below are five fields where women have made a significant impact over the years.

1. Education

Teaching is a noble profession. It can have a significant impact on lives for years to come.

Teachers impact their students, specifically in elementary schools. These individuals are impactful simply because they have the most contact with children between the ages of 5 to 12 who will eventually grow up to become impactful individuals themselves.

If you have a passion for enlightening the youngsters, you might want to teach for America.

2. The environment

Every day, there is an impact made on the environment, whether it be natural or artificial. For instance, when one person takes a shower, energy is used, and water is wasted if you’re not conserving it with a water-efficient showerhead.

Another example would be that the average American throws away about 4.9 pounds of trash every day. That’s shocking! And it’s all the more reason to start recycling and composting if you’re not already doing so.

With that said, many women have chosen to make the world a better place by caring for the environment.

3. Technology

When we think of technology and computers, the image that comes to mind is generally male-dominated. However, women have made significant contributions to the world.

This goes as far back as 1843 when Ada Lovelace helped develop computer programming for Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine. It was the first programmable machine.

Since then, women have made significant contributions to technology all over the world. In 1959, for example, female computer programmer Fran Bilas was part of a team that developed an early mainframe computer for the United States Air Force (USAF). Her work enabled USAF programmers to write programs using high-level language rather than machine code.

In 1992, Margaret Hamilton led the team that developed the software for NASA’s Apollo 11. She was responsible for writing the code that allowed humans to land on the moon and take off again. Hamilton wanted to enable female students to work with computers, so she started a computer camp in 1984.

In 1985, MIT professor Sherry Papert wrote “a manifesto for a new kind of kindergarten” titled “Teaching the Computer to be a Handyman.” In this paper, she describes how computers can increase students’ ability to communicate and work collaboratively. Payet’s goal is for students to learn from each other as they collaborate on programming projects.

4. Social justice

Women have made it a mission to help the less fortunate and speak up against injustices. Generally, feminists want equality in the workforce, which still has a long way to go.

Many women demand not to be judged by their weight. However, more needs to be done when it comes to sexual harassment and false accusations that are thrown around by both sexes.

It is hard for a man to tell his story without being ridiculed and ignored as if they were not credible enough. Women are going through the same thing when they approach their superiors in the workplace. They want to be heard, they want justice, and most of all, they want compensation from those who put them down or ignore them.

5. Peacebuilding

Women have made a considerable difference in the world with their leadership qualities, wisdom, courage, and compassion towards others. Women need to be more involved in politics because they can make changes for the better. Just remember that you need to stick together with men and continue to make a difference in the world.

Many women have been in war zones reporting on what is going on there and showing compassion towards other people who do not get the chance to voice their opinions or tell their stories.

Sarah Phillips is an example with her book, The Bang-Bang Club: Snapshots from a Hidden War. She shows courage and heart when she interviews the people that are victims in South Africa.

Women have made a massive impact in this field because they are not afraid to take on any task put in front of them. They want to be heard, and they realize that change is hard, but it is necessary.

In addition, many women impact their community with their efforts toward peace. This is because they believe in forgiveness and willingness to forgive those who have done wrong to them or others.

Concluding words

I have learned a lot from putting this article together. I did not know all of the women mentioned above until I started the research. And that’s all the more reason to share these accomplishments of incredible ladies that are not yet getting the deserved credit!

Even though women are making progress, there is still more to do for gender inequality in the workplace. The inspiration to continue and raise awareness about these inequalities comes from looking at leaders and role models like Margaret Hamilton and the many other fearless women who made important things happen.

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