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7 women who changed the world

Women who changed the world

Women have come a long way since the days of having to ask their husbands for permission to do, well, most things. From burning their bras to now holding positions of political power, women have proven their strength time and again. So, when you think of how women have changed the world, it’s almost too difficult to pinpoint just one event. That’s because it’s taken countless ladies to make positive changes. The list below highlights seven of the many impressive women who changed the world. First, though, let’s start with ways for you to follow in their footsteps and have a significant impact.

Ways you can change the world

Before listing some of the amazing women who’ve brought about positive change, let’s look at some ways you can do it as well. In addition to just being giving more and asking for less, you can also look into the following options:

  • Volunteering
  • Donating
  • Making an educational impact
  • Obtain your degree

To help make an educational impact on people, you might want to attend college and help make the world a better place. The thing is, deciding to go to college is a big decision, but not being able to cover tuition can be a huge deterrent.

However, if you excel in school, there are options, namely scholarships. Online, you can look for scholarships for college students. There are platforms where you can input your information and you’ll be matched with comparable scholarships.

You choose which ones are best suited for your situation and then apply. You might not get not Oxford or Harvard, but you’ll still have a chance to earn your degree and open doors to opportunities that improve the world.

7 women who changed the world:

1. Malala Yousefzai

Malala did something most women in the Middle East will never do: she won the Nobel Peace Prize and survived a terrorist attack. She went on the study at Oxford University and also wrote three books.

She’s a prime example of a woman who went after what she wanted even though the odds were stacked against her. Even though her situation was extreme, she showed other women how to be more confident women and to be whatever they want, even Peace Prize winners. Her determination to attend Oxford is nothing short of inspirational.

2. Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is another inspiring woman. She has the distinction of being the first African-American woman to be appointed the First Lady.

She spent eight years showing us what grace and dignity looked like. All while becoming a role model for women around the world.

3. Danica Roem

They say there’s no force stronger than a woman who wants to rise, and we couldn’t agree more. Danica Roem was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates, making her the first transgender in history to do so. She actually knocked on 75,000 doors during her campaign, which is no small feat.

4. Serena Williams

Serena Williams didn’t just become a world-renown tennis player; she’s also an ambassador for the United Nations. She and her sister, Venus, are also two stellar examples of women who have changed the world.

5. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria will go down in history as the youngest woman to ever serve in Congress. Growing up poor, she too went to college on grants and scholarships, eventually finding her calling in the world of politics.

She even beat out Joe Crawley, who held the seat for 10 years. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has wise words about confidence.

6. Kamala Harris

What can you say about Kamala Harris? She made government history by becoming the very first female Vice President of the United States. But before her ascension to such an esteemed title, she was already the first female to be elected into the Senate.

She began her journey into the world of law and order by becoming a lawyer. And by 2010, Harris was elected to be the attorney general of California. During her time in the law sector, she specialized in sexual assault cases while also being a bannerman for marriage equality and the Affordable Care Act.

7. RBG is another of the women who changed the world

Another prominent figure in politics is the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Before she passed in 2020, she was a firm advocate of gender equality.

Ruth began her story when she attended Harvard Law School and was one of only nine women in a class of 500 students. In 1993, she was elected to the Supreme Court by former U.S. president Bill Clinton. She was also known as the “Notorious RBG.”

Looking for more women who inspire? Check out this guest post from Catalyst for Peace founder Libby Hoffman.

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