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Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Vol. 19

Motivate and inspire through writing

We’re almost at the big 2-0! How would you like to celebrate next Friday when we reach that amazing number? Should we have a cake? Maybe watch the movie Pretty in Pink? Lots to consider ;) In the meantime, let’s celebrate your great writing this week. Here are some of the inspirational blog posts that caught my eye.

Choosing a Healing Provider

Not every healer will be a good match for everyone. Lisa Hutchison focuses on How to pick healing providers who are right for Empaths in her November blog post. She offers useful ideas for selecting a practitioner that is more likely to provide you with the treatment you desire and guide you toward your health-related goals. With so many professionals out there, it can be overwhelming to select one, so this is a good read for any empath.

Life: It’s Beautiful

Look for the beauty in life. It’s easier than you may think, as Mariam Naveed reminds us at Women Diaries07. Humans complicate it, explains Mariam. Oh, those complex brains of ours! The blog post suggests that gossip and fakeness are making life more complicated than it needs to be and detracts from its beauty. This is a philosophical read to take in today or this weekend.

Femininity and Intelligence

Does being feminine mean you are less intelligent? Don’t fall into thinking that! This is the subject of a recent inspirational blog post at My Jawbreakers. As writer Harrison Mines explains, “femininity is cross-culturally categorized as subordinate.” Yet, it doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive from being smart – you CAN be a strong and confident woman at the same time as being feminine.

The Override Button

Syl65 (the pen name of Sylvester L. Anderson) is one of my favorite poets, and he also publishes great prose like this one about the override button. He writes that sometimes “negativity is waiting in the shadows to throw you off and keep you off balance.” When this happens, he suggests we push the override button. Acknowledge that you are allowed to feel whatever it is you feel at that moment – as we’re not naïve, after all – and then try to focus on the good thoughts rather than resting on the bad ones. It is an inspiring read!

20 thoughts on “Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Vol. 19”

  1. Thank you for including my post/blog in your weekly inspiration!! I am so honored that you were inspired by it, and I hope others can now too. It’s a topic near and dear to my heart and in this present time, establishing/contributing to a community of empowering women is what we need! We gotta stick together :-)

  2. Fantastic shares, Christy. I love that you honor so many inspiring women in this way. As to the cake . . . Of course! I love a good celebration – and a good dessert :) ❤

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