5 Natural Ways to Boost Milk Production

Boost breast milk production
Looking to increase milk supply? These posted suggestions may help you. Pixabay photo, CC0.

Please join me in welcoming Regina Dinges from Mom Discuss to the blog today! Her guest post offers natural tips for breastfeeding moms to help boost milk production. This subject matter can be a big worry for a new mother. As there are a lot of myths on this subject, it’s good to get the facts straight. Take it away, Regina.

Boost breast milk production
Looking to increase milk supply? These posted suggestions may help you. Pixabay photo, CC0.

  As a mother, you will always want your baby to get the best start to life possible. And one of the best ways to ensure this is by breastfeeding the infant for at least the first half a year of his life. But, as much as you might want to, sometimes it is not always possible. One of the things that might discourage you from breastfeeding your little one is low milk supply.

Various things can lead to a low supply of milk for lactating mothers. However, in most instances, it is all in the mind because many moms will assume that they are producing little breastmilk while in truth the baby is getting more than enough. But, how do you boost your milk supply if you know for a fact you are not producing enough?


#1 Nurse More Often

The more you nurse, the more the milk that you will make. Nursing more often is one of the best solutions to low milk supply. In fact, for most moms, it is all they need to increase their milk. The principle behind this is just straightforward. Nursing more often triggers the body’s internal mechanism to make more milk as it is an indication that the baby needs more.

#2 Drink Enough Fluid

Water makes up a massive part of breastmilk. And so it goes without saying that your body will need a lot of it to make the milk. But this is not to say that if you do not drink enough water, your body will not produce milk. It means that if you are dehydrated the body will not produce enough milk for your baby because it has to divide the little fluid in your body among various other function stop keep your systems running. And you do not always have to take some boring plain water because vegetable and fruits juices, almond milk and induced water can also help to keep you hydrated.

#3 Deal with Stress and Anxiety

Stress is an everyday issue for most moms because there is always a lot to deal with when you have a new baby. But, if you do not find ways of coping with stress and anxiety they can affect your milk production. Everything in the body is interconnected, and so if your mind is not calm, your milk output also reduces. Do some yoga, meditate or even pray as long as it calms you down. When you are calm everything in your body works well, and you will be able to make more milk.

#4 Drain the Breasts

Draining one breast before moving the baby to the other is always recommended when trying to make breastmilk fattier. But what some moms might not know is that it can also help to boost milk supply. If the breast is empty, there will be room for more milk, and this means that your body has to produce more of it. Many moms tend to keep shifting the baby between the breasts, and so they end up feeding on the less fatty foremilk, and the breasts remain full which means there is no room for production of more milk.

#5 Consider Pumping

If your baby is not nursing as frequently and efficiently as you would want, some pumping sessions between the feeding sessions might be necessary. The aim of pumping is removing more milk from your breast or increasing the frequency of nursing to trigger the body to make more milk. And you do not have to discard the milk that you pump because you can refrigerate it for the infant to consume when you are away from him.


Low milk supply can be frustrating, and it is one of those things that can give a mom sleepless nights because no one wants to imagine that their little angel is not getting enough food. But, the best news is that in most cases there is nothing to worry about because if your infant is gaining enough weight, it means that your milk supply is sufficient. However, it is still possible to increase your milk production, and the five points above will help you with this. Lastly, also remember to take at least 2,500 calories a day and get someone to help out in the house so that you can have more time to nurse your little one.

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Regina Dinges is a mother of three and a blogger at MomDiscuss.com. Follow her on Twitter.


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