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5 reasons to consider a career in catering

Career in catering

Working in the catering industry certainly comes with perks. Despite the recent crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospitality industry has remained resilient and has flourished over recent years. Sometimes, catering can be a challenging industry to work in, but the rewards are truly worth it. Here are some reasons women should consider a career in catering.

1. Use your creativity

When you take up a career in the catering industry, you will have the opportunity to hone your creative skills, especially if you run the business yourself. If you want to showcase your flair for food on a larger scale, then a career in catering is likely a great fit for you. In fact, women who have a creative flair are sure to excel in the catering industry.

Whether you work for a small catering company or manage multiple operations, your creative skill can help you excel. You can tap into your creative side for various aspects of the business, from developing healthy and innovative dishes to experimenting with delectable desserts.

If you want to stand out from your competitors, you can apply a few simple spins to traditional dishes. For instance, you can elevate the traditional baked chicken by garnishing it with jelly glazes or include spiced steak on fajitas. The key is to be as creative as you can and offer something that will make your menu stand out from the other players in the industry.

2. Train as a professional

Working in this industry will open up various opportunities for training as a professional like the award-winning caterer Pauline Parry. A career in catering requires you to have knowledge of how to prepare and cook a large amount of food for special occasions or events.

Caterers should also know how to market and run the business. Similar to any food service position, caterers can acquire skills while on the job. However, post-secondary training will be significantly helpful.

Although degrees or certificates are not required for a career in catering, some professionals will find these programs beneficial. In fact, those considering a career in catering should recognise the need for online food hygiene training at a high level. In some places, the local government would require caterers to hold a food safety license to ensure that the foods distributed and sold to the public remain safe.

Typically, caterers will be required to acquire licenses from government agencies before starting their business. These agencies will have to inspect the business premises before issuing the license. Therefore, undergoing training that emphasises food safety and sanitation would be a big help.

3. The flexibility of a career in catering

Catering is a great industry to get into if you are looking for flexibility. If you have ever thought of owning your own business, you can be self-employed. But if you are not ready to run your own business just yet, you can work for other companies.

When working for catering companies, you can choose to work in various settings, from pop-up stands to regular restaurants or external catering. You also have the opportunity to travel if you work for a big company with multiple operations across the country. Working in a flexible setting helps keep the work environment fresh and that can be very motivational.

If you’re someone who simply cannot stand a regular 9 to 5 job and have trouble working for set hours, you should consider a career in the catering industry. In catering, once the event is over, your job will end.

Depending on the scope of catering, sometimes the working hours are longer, but most times, it’s shorter. It definitely will not require you to work 8 hours a day, which means you’ll have plenty of time to relax and attend other events.

4. A career in catering is rewarding too

A career in catering can be exciting and rewarding. Sure, it requires hard work and often requires long shifts, but the rewards are amazing. So, it’s rare to find someone who works in the industry but does not have a passion for it.

If you have a strong interest in food, then a career in catering is likely a good choice for you. In this job, you will spend your days creating a menu, testing recipes, talking to clients, and learning about new culinary trends and methods. If you get excited just hearing about these things, definitely consider a career in catering.

When you work for something you are passionate about, you will be happier and more productive. What’s more, this is the kind of job where you often receive compliments from guests and clients, which will motivate you to work even harder.

It’s common to hear people telling you how much they appreciate you and your skills. Being thanked for and appreciated for a job well done and knowing that you have made someone’s day is very rewarding.

5. Live your love of cooking

If you love cooking, getting into the catering industry is your chance to turn your passion into a career or business. Catering is also a relatively low-cost business to start, and you can start small if you are not yet ready to open a full-scale catering business.

One of the most common reasons many women have taken up a career in catering is their love for food. You might already be a foodie and, if so, turning that passion into a career is a wonderful opportunity to earn money while making your favorite recipes.

And since it’s a growth industry, there will be plenty of opportunities waiting for you. People will always want to eat, and as the catering industry has been growing steadily over the recent years, there will be plenty of new and challenging jobs out there.

More about a career in catering

In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to specialise when starting a career in catering. For instance, if you discover that you have a burning passion for Italian food, you can pursue that path.

Or maybe you love desserts. In this case, you can become a pastry chef at some of the biggest catering companies. Indeed, there are many opportunities to branch out and challenge yourself when working in the catering industry.

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