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These low-maintenance hair color treatments are trending

Low-maintenance hair color treatments

Want to change up your look or stay on trend without a lot of upkeep? If so, you’ll want to check out these seven low-maintenance hair color treatments quickly gaining popularity.

Why change the color?

Hair color treatments are a fun way to freshen up your tresses, as they can get rid of dull-looking hair and add a lovely hue. It’s an instant transformation.

However, as much as you might love trying a new hue, it comes at a price and effort. So if you wish to change your hair color, but want something that’s low-maintenance, consider choosing a hair color and technique that is easier and also helps re-growth look more natural.

Once you have find the best low-maintenance treatment for you, care for it correctly with a color-safe shampoo and an all-natural cleanser for oily hair. Maximize the new look for longer.

So, what are these treatments? Below are some of today’s trendiest hair color ideas for a gorgeous, low-maintenance look that helps you go longer between salon visits.

7 low-maintenance hair color treatments

They’re low maintenance as upkeep is straightforward, which is great if you’ve got a busy lifestyle or get tired quickly. Here are the top picks:

1. Expensive brunette

Don’t be fooled by its name! This is one trendy hair color that won’t make you go broke.

It earned the official name expensive brunette because of its rich hue and warm, glossy look. In other words, it looks expensive.

If you have naturally brown locks but want a bit of enhancement, then expensive brunette might be one to try. There are several ways to get the look, such as adding glossy brown highlights over your natural brown hue.

The key here is adding dimension. That way it’s anything but flat.

Balayage hair color trend
Balayage at its best. Photo via Canva.

2. Balayage

Have you heard of this trendy technique yet? Hair painting or Balayage are others techniques for someone looking for low-maintenance color. While both involve a trip to the salon, the aftercare is simple.

Balayage is a French word meaning to paint. So, that tells you a bit about what the stylist will be doing once you sit in their chair.

While balayage is similar to hair painting, they’re not the same thing. That way the stylist applies them differs, with balayage usually done with more color at the ends, which creates a lighter hue as go from root to the ends.

The gradual lightening from root to end is key to this lovely look. There is dimension, and the stylist can create a custom look by, for example, adding more color to the stands around your face.

3. Tortoiseshell

 Tortoiseshell hair is the term for a natural look that comes from blending a range of colors, specifically chestnut, chocolate, soft blonde, and caramel. Essentially, tortoiseshell hair is a brunette blend.

If you’re looking for a warmer shade and don’t want balayage, then this trend could be right for you. The overall look is subtle yet striking.

Upkeep – wait for it – involves not shampooing every day, if possible. That way you extend the look and shine. Less upkeep! Plus, the dark brown on top looks natural, so that it will grow out flawlessly.

4. Shadow Roots

This trend has been going strong for the past few years, and its popularity has no end in sight. Dark roots, that’s where it’s at. I’ve been rocking this for a while – and so I was glad to hear it’s in style!

If you have blonde locks (natural or not), shadow roots can look amazing. Some models are doing this one.

Rather than having to touch up your roots, you can look forward to not doing anything as you watch the roots grow out. How long you let the shadow roots go, whether one inch or much longer, is totally up to you.

Basically, you’re staying away from color at the roots. If you want to get fancy with your hairdo, add mid and end lights to complement the root shadow. It can be a seamless look when done by a professional.

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5. Babylights

Nope, they’re not highlights. Babylights, as their name might suggest, aren’t as chunky as highlights. Babylights use small sections of hair, closer together.

They are fine highlights, subtly placed throughout the hair. The goal is a more subtle look that adds dimension using color while maintaining a low-maintenance hairstyle.

Babylights don’t have to be a lighter shade, either! They can be darker too, which I think is fun. Thus, you can either brighten or darken the natural shade of your hair.

If you want to explore the blonde look, babylights can give you a brighter hue than balayage. Just in case you were unsure.

6. Ombré

A subtle change between shades of the same color, getting lighter from root to end, is the basis of this color hair trend. Of course, there are a lot of different styles you can do within this one trend!

For example, think outside of the box and go from dark purple at the crown of the head to becoming lighter, almost white, when you get to the ends! Yes, a salon treatment is necessary here, but you can look forward to letting the color do its thing and gradually change in wonderful ways with each wash at home.

If you have naturally dark hair, Ombré is a technique to consider. You can tailor it exactly to the shade you love.

It just might be the best way for a brunette to retain their color without going blond. Ombré is a sure-fire way of making darker hair look more beautiful and multi-dimensional.

Caramel highlights in hair
Stunning caramel highlights. Photo via Canva.

7. Caramel highlights

Aha, the final hair coloring technique that’s trending! This style is naturally dark at the root area, with caramel highlights through the middle length of the hair.

If you have dark brown hair, the warm caramel can look wonderful. This trend adds lightness without being too much.

It’s a soft, natural look without being high maintenance. The key is to keep the tone to just two or three shades different than your natural one for a better blending effect and hides regrowth well.

 Have you tried any of these hair color treatments? Which one do you like the best? Comment below!

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