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Body recovery after childbirth: How to bounce back sooner

Bounce back after baby: Recovering from delivery

Giving birth is an amazing experience, but recovering from delivery can take a toll on your body. The first few weeks after delivery can be especially challenging. However, taking the right approach to body recovery after childbirth can help you return to yourself again sooner rather than later. If you are curious about bouncing back after pregnancy body-wise, this guide is one to read.

First, consult your doctor to get the OK

First and foremost, follow your doctor’s instructions, especially if you had issues during labor and delivery. Then, with the “OK” from a medical professional, consider these tips for body recovery after childbirth. The suggestions can help you bounce back after pregnancy sooner and easier for a healthier, happier life, including pelvic floor recovery after childbirth.

Exercise your pelvic floor

Whether you try exercises at home or schedule pelvic floor treatments Burlington ON, it’s incredibly important to give this area of your body the attention it needs now. The internal shifts during pregnancy can cause displacement and strain your pelvic floor muscles. That can lead to a range of problems, including

  • Pain
  • Incontinence issues
  • Posture issues
  • Bulging in the lower abdomen

Now you see why it’s included in this guide on recovering from delivery. However, the right combination of stretches and exercises can help gradually remedy these troubles. Find relief for the resulting symptoms as you bounce back after pregnancy.

Sleep: Body recovery after childbirth essentials
This new mom takes the opportunity to sleep, allowing her body to get much-needed rest.

Body recovery after childbirth: Make time to sleep

Growing, carrying, and birthing a baby is exhausting. Add a very needy newborn to the mix, and you’re well on your way to becoming overtired, which can negatively affect your physical, mental, and emotional health.

It may be a while until you get more than a few hours of sleep at one time. So, take advantage of every potential nap opportunity, day or night.

Reach out for help from your partner and other loved ones with meals and housework, too, so you can use that time to rest. Especially during the first few weeks at home.

Don’t let guilt keep you from getting the sleep your mind and body need to function properly. Yes, the dishes can wait.

Get out into the sunshine

Postpartum depression and the “Baby Blues” are real things. They affect many women in the weeks and months of body recovery after childbirth.

Research has shown that getting out into the sun can help improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Whenever possible, lather up on sunscreen and get outside to relax in the fresh air and sunshine.

When you’re feeding or holding your newborn indoors, sit next to a window where you can enjoy the most natural light. This step can help ward off postpartum depression symptoms or significantly reduce them when in coordination with ample rest and good nutrition. See your doctor to find the right approach for you.

A few last words on body recovery after childbirth

Life with a new baby takes some getting used to, for sure. Be sure to prioritize your health and practice self-care so that you and your baby can be well taken care of. With the right practices, including pelvic floor recovery after childbirth, perseverance, and time, you can learn to thrive in your new normal.


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