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Onyx Jewelry: How to Choose?

Onyx jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most precious items to enhance your beauty, personality, and status. Jewelry comes in different shapes and sizes and is not limited to a specific gender. It is cast with precious stones like gold, silver, etc. But if you are looking for something unique, consider onyx. Below is a guide relating to onyx. In this blog post, find out how to choose onyx jewelry and how to differentiate between fake and real onyx.

If you are going to buy onyx jewelry, such as a black onyx and diamond ring, this guide helps prevent you from being scammed.

Facts and History of the Onyx Stone

Onyx is a precious stone normally found in India, the US, Brazil, and a few other regions. Onyx stone has a few other varieties, like brownstone with slightly reddish lines. This stone is called sardonyx.

Pure onyx is not entirely black. Instead, it has a slight touch of white and grey lines on it. Onyx is considered protective jewelry. If you are someone who believes in stone, then you should go for authentic onyx jewelry.

Looking back in history, Roman soldiers used to wear the onyx amulet that has the God of War carved in it. It was believed that onyx would protect them and grant them victory. In ancient Persia, the onyx stone was believed to treat epilepsy. In Chinese culture, onyx has been used to gain strength to fight against evil spirits.

In every era, onyx has been used differently. And now we get onyx as ornaments. Many people used onyx in the form of different types of jewelry as it is so attractive.

What is Onyx Jewelry and How to Use it?

Onyx is the rare black stone used in casting jewelry like this men’s natural black onyx ring, necklaces, and pendants. Although onyx is rare, it is often more affordable than other jewelry stones like diamond and gold.

In addition, onyx jewelry adds style and grace to an outfit, elevating the first impression. Onyx is attractive but looks even more stunning when combined with other metals, such as diamond, gold, or silver, to make a wonderful combination of the rarest jewelry.

The jewelry is not limited to any gender. It can look amazing on any adult.

Match Your Onyx Jewelry with Outfit

Onyx jewelry matches every outfit well too. It can be worn on special occasions or in a casual atmosphere, depending on your mood and where you have plans to go today. You might have seen some celebrities wearing onyx, making for a big trend.

A couple of years ago, onyx was only used in jewelry cast in white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold. But as its popularity increases, now you can find onyx in every precious metal like a diamond.

Two reasons why onyx is popular are that it is a rare stone and the belief that it holds energy. Many stone collectors believe that onyx protects you spiritually and keeps evil spirits away from you.

Jewelry Items That Contain Onyx

You can get any jewelry item that suits the wearer’s personality. You can buy pre-made onyx jewelry, or if you have real onyx stone, you can also order customized jewelry.

Some examples are:

  • Onyx and diamond ring
  • Onyx earrings
  • Onyx bracelet
  • Onyx pendant

Personalized jewelry makes a wonderful gift for a loved one. It shows you put thought into what to get them for Christmas, their birthday, or another special occasion.

How to Take Care of Onyx Jewelry?

Like every other piece of jewelry, it requires great attention and care. If you use the precious item roughly or don’t take care of it, you risk it losing shine and getting surface scratches. So, it’s best to take care of your onyx jewelry.

Although onyx is a hard stone and will not scratch or crack easily until you hit it hard enough, it’s still a good idea to keep your Onyx jewelry in a safe box covered with a transparent wrapper.

If you choose to wear it regularly, clean it often too. If your onyx jewelry is dirty, don’t try to clean it using different chemicals or home remedies you saw on YouTube, though. Instead, visit the nearby jewelry shop and give it to them. They will take care of it. Don’t risk ruining your beautiful item by cleaning it yourself.

How Can You Identify Real Onyx Jewelry?

Real onyx is hard to find, while plenty of dyed onyx is available at cheap prices. Artificial onyx isn’t believed to have spiritual properties like the real stone, though. But it can still be used to make jewelry.

Artificial onyx can be hard to distinguish from the pure form. The average person can’t tell just by taking the stone into their hands and looking at it whether it’s real or not. Identifying the real thing requires specific tests. That’s why many onyx buyers are fooled easily by fake sellers. Thankfully, there are tips and tricks to help you choose real onyx jewelry.

Hardness Of Onyx

Real onyx is a hard stone and can’t be broken with a regular hammer. If you run the hardness test on Onyx, it should be between 7 – 10 on the Mohs scale.

Breath Test

Fake onyx can quickly be identified by a breath test. Pick up the Onyx stone and let out a deep breath onto it. If it is real, your breath disappears in less than 3 seconds. If it takes more than 3 seconds, the stone is fake.

Heat Test

Rub your thumb on the onyx stone quickly, and if you feel the heat immediately while rubbing it, the stone is fake. That’s because the real one doesn’t heat up until you rub it for more than 5 to 7 minutes.

Reading Test

Fake onyx is made up of glass and dyed black. Place it on your mobile screen with full brightness to determine whether the onyx is real. It is probably fake if you can find a single word beneath the stone.

Are There Benefits of Wearing Onyx Jewelry?

It all depends upon your beliefs. As earlier explained, onyx has had different purposes in history, and still, to this day, plenty of people still believe in the stone and its spiritual power.

Many stone collectors and fortune tellers believe that onyx protects people during the night and prevents them from having nightmares. Some people believe the special stone helps to make strong relations with a partner, while others think it helps to heal wounds faster. Of course, some say that’s all myths.

Then there’s how you see the stone – It is attractive! Wearing it can enhance your outfit and be the perfect way to complete the look.

Whether you believe in the energy of onyx or like its unique and beautiful look, it’s definitely appealing. Onyx is a rare stone, which makes it different from other jewelry stones.


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