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4 meaningful gifts for that someone special

Meaningful gifts ideas

The gift-giving season is upon us, and it can be overwhelming to pick out special presents for everyone. Each person has different interests and hobbies, and you probably are looking for presents for many age groups. With that long list of family members to shop for, you might forget about the person sitting right next to you – your partner! You don’t have to spend a fortune on your partner to get them something better this year; you can achieve a lot by choosing meaningful gifts over expensive ones.

1. Photo gifts

You can get a standard framed photo of the two of you. Or you can get a little more creative with canvas photo prints to decorate your shared home with favourite pictures. If you have children or pets, get a whole family portrait printed to be the centre focus of the living room.

An electronic photo frame is also a special gift. It means you won’t have to choose just one photo; you can have a whole album of photos rotating within the digital frame.

2. A personalised book is a meaningful gift

There are a few different types of books you can get that will pull at their heartstrings. For example, purchase a “reasons I love you” book and fill the pages with attributes that make your partner special.

Or you can make a fully personalised book where you create your own stick figures and compile an entire book of different scenes and scenarios. Personalised books could also include a scrapbook that you spend time compiling. You can even get an adorable adventure book from the movie Up to fill with your own adventures.

3. A custom jewellery gift is meaningful too

There are many ideas for personalized jewelry. You can go for a simple initial or birthstone piece as a safe option or try for something a little different.

Coordinates jewelry is a beautiful way to commemorate an important event in your life together. It features the coordinates (longitude and latitude) of where a special event happened, engraved the jewellery. This could be the hospital your children were born in, the place where you met, or where you go married.

Another idea is to get a cute message written in morse code for a secret note that no one else can read. You can even find a jewellery maker to create a piece using your own handwriting or a soundwave of your voice saying, “I love you.” Or ask the jeweller to engrave a short quote about love on the item.

The options are endless when it comes to jewellery. Plus, it gives your partner something they can keep with them wherever they go as a loving reminder.

4. Create a unique hamper

It’s easy to create your own hamper full of personalised items for your partner. Just get a basket, a ribbon, shredded paper, and a cellophane bag.

You can make the basket as big or as small as you like. It looks beautiful and will mean a lot to them because you will take the time to fill it with all their favourite items. The things you include show how well you know them.

Want more ideas? Check out this list of 10 tips for giving better gifts.

6 thoughts on “4 meaningful gifts for that someone special”

  1. Great ideas! 😁
    I’ve just set up a digital photo frame for hubby for Christmas and filled it with pics/videos of son, daughter in law, and grandson, who have been posted to America for (almost) the last three years. Due to COVID we’ve missed them even before they left the UK. They’ve sent us regular pics and videos, and I thought that would make a wonderful present. I shopped around on Black Friday and managed to do it much more inexpensively than I’d anticipated.

    I’m a huge fan of homemade gifts. This year, I’m not so physically able, but I love personal things like this. Thanks for sharing, Christy. Hugs 💕🙂

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