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A list of running gear to improve your experience

Running gear list

Getting out for a run takes a lot of determination, especially when you’re new to the activity. Keeping your motivation high is a key part of it, and one thing that can improve your motivation is the equipment you make use of. There are several different things to consider investing in when taking up running as a hobby or your go-to form of exercise. To help, this guide explains some running gear to use to help improve your overall experience.

Running gear: A smartwatch

Keeping a record of running sessions and having a good idea of certain aspects of your health during and after your run is useful. Many smartwatches on the market can provide a lot of useful information to help you improve your runs and push your goalposts further.

There are many great smartwatches for runners, all offering a variety of different features, although most models have GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring software. There are a few that even link to wireless headphones and allow you to download music via your phone. The advantage here is listening to tunes without having to bring your phone along.

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The right shoes

Easily one of the most important things to think about when running is your shoes. Running shoes can make or break your experience, and good quality, comfortable and supportive running shoes are vital.

Sure, I could list countless types of shoes for you to try based on reviews. But the smartest thing for any runner to do is to make their choice based on their unique physiology.

Visit a specialized running store that will offer to measure your gait and the shape of your feet. The goal here is to find the right shoe for you. This will help to minimize the risk of injury due to a having a lack of support for your feet, ankles, and knees.

Running gear for parents

Getting out for a run can seem like an even greater challenge when you’re a parent, especially if your kids are babies. It can be frustrating knowing that you can’t even leave the house for a 10 or 15-minute run.

However, this is where this next suggestion comes in handy. Check this nipper sport running buggy, which allows parents to bring their little ones with them on their runs. They come with quality brakes and all-terrain types and suspension, improving your control, and allowing for a much smoother ride for your baby.

A quality water bottle

It’s imperative that you strive to stay hydrated and energized for your runs. It’s important to have a high-energy snack before running, but it’s probably more important to hydrate during and after the run.

However, carrying a water bottle during your run isn’t always the easiest thing to do. There are many types of water bottles out there that have been specifically designed for runners. A good runner’s water bottle will usually provide you with a good grip, as well as being compact and lightweight.

A running belt can also come with a water bottle to make it easy to hydrate on the go. Or, consider a hydration backpack to keep your hands free during longer runs or train for a marathon. Until then, a quality water bottle that won’t weigh you down or slip out of your hands is likely your best choice.

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