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Wholesome toys your kids will treasure

Toys for kids ideas

Most of us can remember a cherished toy from our youth. Maybe you had a stuffed cuddly creature who was your best friend and who you could talk to about anything. Or, did you have a beloved set of blocks that you would use to create whatever you dreamt of, from castles to whole worlds? Perhaps you had a dress-up chest that you would open to transform into a princess or a pirate for the day – or both! To help give your child the same great experiences you had when you were younger, consider gifting these wholesome toys your kids will treasure.

The role of toys in your child’s development

Giving children something to treasure as you did while growing up can be incredibly powerful and affirming. Toys are often a source of fun and positive emotions, creating happy memories for them to look back on later in life.

For babies, playtime also creates opportunities to move their feet and hands. They’re exploring how their body moves while interacting with the objects.

Wholesome toys like the ones below can also provide ways for youngsters to educate themselves and role-play. The fun things you give children can spark their imagination and provide learning opportunities. It’s an alternative to a more passive activity like watching TV.

Here are some candidates for something that can take that significant spot in their hearts. You will have almost as much fun choosing as that special little someone enjoys having it.

Cuddly toys for kids

Floppy rabbit, brown bear, cuddly elephant, or dolphin – which will be their favorite? Each of these Senger Naturwelt cuddly toys from Weston Table will become a buddy loved by kids. Encouraging pretend play and nurturing, these animals are responsibly made of natural materials. Many even include removable inserts that can be heated or cooled to increase the comfort factor.

Quality toys like these ones will last through the sweet and sleepy times as well as the rough and tumble playtimes. Let them cozy up with their new best friend and cherish it for a long time.

Backyard toys

What kids don’t want a place of their own, whether it be a fortress made of sofa cushions or a bonafide treehouse to hold their super-secret meetings with friends? Outside in your backyard, Wooden Climbing Frames available at Wicken Toys provide hours of play. There are a range of designs featuring slides, metal rungs, swings, and more.

Free up your living room furniture and give them a portable room of their own, like one of these backyard tents from Night Cats. You’ll also boost their independence and confidence by giving them permission to stay outside safely under the night sky in their very own portable palace.

Waterproof and windproof, this tent will be used for years to come in all kinds of weather for all kinds of excursions. It will evoke all kinds of fun.

Musical instruments

Instead of frustratingly groaning, “keep that racket down!”, why not focus your little noisemakers’ boundless energy to practice on actual musical instruments? This solid pine collection of musical instruments with no paint or sharp edges from Montessori provides countless hours of playtime.

Regardless of which one they choose to pick up, your children can develop their rhythm and musical skills. The activity may also boost their attention levels, memory, motor, and creative skills. Now that’s music to a parent’s ears!

Train set

Nurturing a sense of adventure in your child is one of the most thrilling and rewarding parts of watching them grow. Give them control over their own little world with this Adventure Town Railway Train Set & Table. The set allows them not only to piece the track together and guide their train in different configurations every time, but also to decide on the whole surrounding realm, including every plane, train, and automobile.

They’ll be able to safely learn the basics of how different parts go together to make a working whole while encouraging their storytelling abilities. Children can make up stories for this world that they get to hold in their hands. Chances are that this set will last through many years of creative growth and even be something they’ll want to pass on to their little ones someday.

Finding toys your kids will love

Giving a gift to a child is a joy in and of itself. Not only do you as a parent get the opportunity to see the latest and greatest in toy creation when shopping for them, but you get to revisit popular toys that you may have played with.

The suggestions above could be ones that they treasure and stay dear to them over the years. Supporting your child’s development and providing hours of fun with the wholesome toy you give them is a gift in itself!

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  1. I always wanted a train set but don’t think that I ever told my parents:) Back then, it was mainly boys who asked for those while the girls got the dolls. Although I did love dolls, I sure wanted that train set too!

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