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How to make a claim and get compensation for a work injury

Compensation for work injury

A work-related injury can vary from mild to severe. In the unfortunate event that it happens, you need time to recover and get better from the accident, which also leads to a loss of wages. Therefore, it is essential that you report the accident at work. When you have a record of the incident, it helps you get the rightful compensation for a work injury and available benefits, including SSP (Statutory Sick Pay) in the UK or the equivalent in other parts of the world.

How to report the accident?

There are two ways to record the accident. They are, reporting it at work or visiting the doctor. Generally, it is suggested to:

  • Take photographs of the injury and whatever caused the accident, such as a slippery floor or malfunctioning equipment
  • Take notes, including all details about the event
  • Get contact details of the witnesses present (co-workers, supervisors, or customers)

You can also request the witnesses to record the accident in written form or take pictures, especially if you are not in a condition to do so yourself.

Who can make a claim for financial loss?

According to the law, any employee who encounters an accident during working hours or while carrying out work duties can claim financial loss. It does not matter whether you are a casual, temporary, or permanent (part-time or full-time) employee; you are eligible to make a claim.

Similarly, you can get rightful reimbursement if you are self-employed and got injured due to another person’s negligence. However, the rules may differ from the permanent employees’ compensation.

How to calculate the compensation for a work injury?

There are numerous ways to calculate compensation amounts. For instance, you can do it yourself by adding all the expenses incurred due to the accident and calculating your insurance amount. However, calculating the amount yourself involves the risk of miscalculation and missing necessary details.

It is essential to follow the guidelines for the assessment of general damages in personal injury to compute the accurate value. Therefore, it is recommended to rely on tech, such as using a work accident claim calculator to find the precise value. It will help you calculate the amount based on general (pain, suffering, and loss of amenity (PSLA)) or special damages (financial loss).

How to file a personal injury claim?

Typically, people claim injury compensation if it is an employer or client’s negligence. If you are also considering the same, getting legal advice from a reputed solicitor is suggested. They can guide you throughout the process, ensuring you get the rightful financial reimbursement.

If you are a trade union member, contact the local representative and check their website. They can help you make the right decision and also help you meet with the other party or employer. Seeking legal advice is the best way to resolve these matters and get the financial reimbursement for your suffering.

Summary of claims and compensation for a work injury

Injuries can transform your life drastically. It can lead to financial burdens and mental distress. Therefore, it is usually best to make your rightful claim for compensation for the work injury. So, you must calculate the correct amount and seek legal advice.

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