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Avoid these 5 mistakes when trying to get better

See if you can work from home, in the comfort of your bed

Unfortunately, whilst you may have had to endure surgery to overcome a major health problem, the “getting better” process tends to be a long and exhaustive one. However, if you want to get back to full strength as soon as possible, then it is a good idea that you do everything you can to help your recovery along. If you don’t, well, you could be making a mistake that prolongs your boredom and aggravates your health woes.

So, to keep your recovery on track and bring you back to that fighting fitness you may have taken for granted before, here is a list of costly mistakes you need to avoid making.

Overdoing it too early

One of the most common mistakes is thinking you can do everything too quickly. You need to just accept that the recovery period is what it is, do everything the doctor asks you to do, and find ways to survive your bed rest.

If you don’t, and you decide to jump the gun a couple of weeks early, you could end up back at square one, or worse. Your doctor gave you do’s and don’ts based on an educated decision; it is wise to pay attention to them, no matter how great you may be feeling.

Not doing enough

The other side of that coin is not doing enough. If your doctor told you to stay in bed for a week and then start doing some light activities, make sure you follow u on that advice. Getting mobile is one of the most important things you can do after surgery. Even if you are feeling fatigued or fragile; try your best to shake that feeling off. Resting can make you surprisingly sleepy, so make sure you counter this by being proactive.

Go to your rehabilitation appointments, like this woman. Pexels, CC0 License.

Deciding you don’t need rehab

You may well feel like you are tough enough to manage on your own and that rehabilitation course is a waste of time. But, it isn’t.

Physical therapy, whether it be orthopedic rehabilitation or Mist therapy, is key to making you recover to your full strength in a safe and timely manner. So, please, take it seriously.

Go to your scheduled appointments, don’t cancel, and don’t skip the exercises they’ve set as homework. The movements are for your benefit, not theirs.

The meds don’t work

This is another extremely common mistake people make because they fear the side effects. However, not taking your medicine because it makes you a little nauseous or constipated is not advisable.

Yes, pain medication can come with warnings of addiction, but not taking them can result in sleep deprivation, loss of appetite, and mobility. All of these things are extremely important to your recovery process.

You don’t want to be on medication forever, but in order to make your body heal to the level required, you need to keep up with what was prescribed. Listening to your doctor and doing as this professional tells you is part of a plan to recover faster.

Going back to work

The pressure to return to work is the most overruling one of all, especially if you are one of the fifteen million people that work as self-employed. However, we advise you to take it steady for the duration of the doctor’s recommendation.

It could be your lifestyle that caused all this in the first place. So, if you must work, try and find a way that you can do so remotely, or even contract your needs out to someone else.

25 thoughts on “Avoid these 5 mistakes when trying to get better”

  1. I did over do it when recovering from three major surgeries in two years..not a case of wanting to..more of a case of having too…three months after lower back fusion I installed another engine in my car…mad,yes but I couldn’t afford to pay a garage….suffered a bit after but no issues with the fusion, just the rest of me is giving up…😒😂😂

  2. coffeepoweredmummy2017

    Brilliant post, your posts are always so insightful, love reading these. I have now moved sites, please follow my new site if you can on
    Looking forward to the next post 😊X

  3. I could not agree with you more, great post, after open heart surgery I know the importance of listening to good advise, we want so much to be back where we were, but that takes time and there are no short cuts, when we listen we get there quicker…………………thanks for this post

  4. Hi Christy! When my dad was recovering from a lobectomy for his lung cancer he would push himself so much because he wanted to prove that he isn’t weak. He wanted to exercise alot and then overdid it and was too tired to exercise for a few days. 😥 so hard explaining it to them to just try and rest and you’ll get better soon!

    1. Oh Carol, my dad did similar after his heart surgery. It’s like they’re not wanting to appear frail… I totally get it! I hope your dad is doing well now :)

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