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Common Health Issues As You Age (And Dealing With Them

Health Issues: Aging Woman in Yoga Warrior Pose for Her Health

As we age, health issues become commonplace. People are growing older than ever before, and as such, it falls to us to take care of our health and ensure we look after ourselves effectively in the process. There are many issues that accumulate as we age, and not every person will experience the same physical ills in the same way. From limited flexibility to diseases to difficulties that need an expert hand, the following tips and tricks can help you stay healthy both mentally and physically as you progress into the later stages of life.


Usually, our flexibility is the first thing to deteriorate. Not only will your movement patterns become restricted over time, but if you’re not adequately stretching, you can almost lose the ability to re-stretch those joints over time. This is a difficult fate to contend with because many health issues are abated by having good flexibility.

For example, slipping on a wet bathroom surface is much less of an issue if being able to stretch out and catch yourself without damaging a joint or part of your tissue. To combat these difficulties, improving your flexibility through yoga, simple home stretches, or, ideally, foam rolling can help you feel more open and unrestricted in your daily life.

Diet and Health Issues as You Age

Your diet is of paramount importance to get right as you age. Not only will your body put on unhappy fat much easier than usual, but you will feel overly tired if you’re not getting the nutrition you need to work well.

Staying energetic and getting all of the nutrients you need can be acquired by sticking to a balanced diet and implementing supplementation were required. As you age and your joints weaken, it’s important to supplement with fish oil tablets, multivitamins, and vitamin D tablets. Fish oil will help your heart and joint health by giving you the omega 3 requirements.

A multivitamin is simple enough, it will give you the nutrients your diet has missed. It’s likely that no matter how complete your diet is, you will, from time to time, miss out on your macronutrient requirements. Vitamin D tablets will, of course, help you overcome the lack of sunlight, and a positive D3 level will help your immune system function as it should, which is of complete and total importance as you age.


If you find that your health issues are difficult to overcome through basic means alone, there is no shame in getting surgery to correct it quickly and without worry. For example, if diagnosed with a herniated disc via a vertical MRI, which can accrue in old age easily, especially if have worked a labor intense job most of your life, you’ll need to rectify the problem shown on this MRI quickly to avoid blinding pain and loss of mobility.

For this reason, identifying a great surgery and registering, if necessary, can help you keep the process as smooth as possible from day one of the issues arising. Hopefully, the tips above can help you keep peace of mind as you age and develop.

Takeaway on Health Issues while Aging

Although your body and mind age, there are many ways to stay at your best over the years. See your doctor for advice suitable for unique you. Please note that this post is not intended as medical advice, and your doctor is the one to listen to, first and foremost. Wishing you all the best!


Top photo: Yoga can help you maintain flexibility as you age, like this woman, who does the yoga warrior pose. Image by lululemon athletica (Flickr: Yoga Journal Conference), CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

7 thoughts on “Common Health Issues As You Age (And Dealing With Them”

  1. Age…what an a***!! Happens to all of us eventually….
    Flexibility..I need to loose a bit of weight so I can bend over easier…..riding the bike…tick
    Diet…Yep…work in progress….tick
    Surgery…do I have to again…let’s see what the MRI finds….tick
    Hmmm .. I’ve ticked the boxes….now what?…ah ha!! get younger…😂😂

    Cool post Christy…Age creeps up too fast but we gotta deal with it….

    1. Good luck on your MRI, Pete. I hope you find answers and then you can get toward a healthier solution. Keep riding that bike of yours and smiling :)

  2. Another interesting and positive approach blog post, thank you! Now that I’m registered as a full time carer I can avail of free yoga sessions in my local area. I’m intending to start going in September all being well 😊

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