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The average cost of attending a wedding in 2022 (How to save and still have fun)

Attending a wedding save money

Everyone loves a wedding. It’s a day of happiness, romance, and new beginnings. And let’s not forget, it’s the perfect excuse to let your hair down and party the night away. However, being a wedding guest isn’t cheap. On average, it costs around £500 for guests to attend a wedding, and more if you’re a groomsman or part of the bridal party. You might be asking yourself, how does it cost so much? Well, once you add up the costs of outfits, travel, accommodation, alcohol, and gifts, you have a hefty bill. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to cut down on the wedding guest cost without scrimping on the fun.

Stick to a budget when buying gifts

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of wanting to buy more extravagant gifts in order to avoid potentially disappointing the wedding couple. But that really isn’t necessary – seriously!

The couple should be grateful for anything they receive as a gift. So avoid putting yourself in a financially difficult position just to be a people-pleaser.

You can find some super affordable options that are still thoughtful. Checking the wedding registry will help you find a gift they really want.

Make sure you figure out how many gifts you want to buy from the engagement to the wedding and stick to a budget for each. Consider personalized gift options too, including creating a card or adding a special note to save some money and have a special touch.

Attending a wedding? Wear an outfit you already own

Often when a big occasion is on the horizon, you want to buy a beautiful new outfit. That’s natural. But it isn’t necessary. No one will remember that you wore that dress or suit to the last wedding you went to three years ago, so there’s no reason you can’t wear it again to save money.

If you wear your hair differently and pop on some alternative accessories, you’ll feel like you’re wearing something you haven’t before anyway. And remember, you aren’t the star of the show, the couple is, so you wear the same outfit as before is unlikely to even be on people’s minds.


This one might take you back to the days of partying and clubbing, but it’s a great way to save money. Now, I’m not saying you should get drunk before the ceremony has happened, but a couple of drinks before you leave for the venue, paired with a discreetly placed hip flask in a pocket or handbag will actually save you a lot of money if it’s a cash bar.

Of course, never drink and drive. And know your limits when it comes to alcohol.

Do your research when attending a wedding

Now, this is a big part of saving money as a wedding guest. If you have to hire transport or pay for accommodation to attend the wedding, take the time to find the most affordable options.

Don’t feel pressured to stay in the same fancy hotel as other guests. It’s okay to stay somewhere different if it’s more in your price range.

If the wedding is somewhere local that you can commute to and from home, consider every transport option. Can someone give you a lift, for example, even if it’s just one way? Or, is there a train or a bus that can get you there, even if it takes a bit longer?

What are some other ways to save money as a wedding guest?

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