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Tented Weddings: Top 5 Things You Need to Know

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There are endless reasons for people to love tented weddings, namely because they add a cozy, intimate feeling to the whole event. The romantic ambiance offered by a properly organized tent cannot be easily replicated indoors, not to mention the feeling of being outside on a warm summer’s day or evening.

Setting up this kind of event is nothing like planning a camping trip in the woods; these tents are next-level and offer a unique and gorgeous way to celebrate your love for each other. If you’ve been thinking about having a tented wedding party, here are the top five most essential things you need to know.

Tented Weddings: 5 Must-Know Details

1. Extras Not Included

Tent wedding receptions are all the rage this summer but don’t think that the buck stops with the tent. Lots of details need to be considered including flooring, dance space, and a podium or stage for the event.

Think about what you want your wedding event to look like, and factor in the weather and décor elements. That will help you to decide what extras you need, and how to best use the available space so it is a functional event.

2. Flat Surfaces

When planning your wedding, you must find the best place to set up the tent. Focus on the view and size of the tent, and then pick the best spot at your venue.

You must find a flat surface away from buildings or structures. That will allow enough space to put up the tent and have the stakes or pegs grounded safely.

3. Book Early

Tent rental companies only have so many tents to go around, and with the most popular models being in high demand, you must ensure that you book your tent and all the extras early.

If you don’t have enough time to book early, consider looking for party tents for sale. Tents are a fantastic investment for people who have large family gatherings often or plan on entertaining friends at parties in the future.

4. Lighting for Tented Weddings

To set the mood and ensure that the ambiance of your wedding is exactly how you dreamt it would be, take the time to research various lighting options for your big day. Tent weddings get made that much more magical with the addition of well-placed mood lights.

Some great options include lanterns and string lights – that allow you to incorporate the trees and landscape surrounding your tent. Be sure to check for the electricity supply where the tent will get erected because the last thing you want is a last-minute frantic run around in search of a steady power supply.

5. Plan For Rain

Unless you live in an area where you can guarantee there won’t be any rain – plan for rain. Rain on your wedding day isn’t bad luck or a bad omen; it’s a sign of what can happen during summer. If you cannot be sure there will be perfect weather on the day, plan for rain and wind.

Make sure you can keep the outdoor elements outside by renting wall panels and having an action plan for putting them up as quickly as possible. If your venue doesn’t offer people to help with these things, nominate a small team of tent helpers to be ready to spring into action.

Concluding Words on Tented Weddings

By following these five simple steps above, you can all but guarantee that your special day will be everything you hope it will be and more. Don’t be afraid to plan the wedding of your dreams; the only thing holding you back should be your imagination – and there is a fix for that too!

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