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6 of the Best Keepsakes from Your Wedding

Best wedding keepsakes

Your wedding day is sure to remain in your heart and your memory for life, but having some keepsakes from the big day to get out and look at from time to time is always special. You and your partner can look back on these items together and reminisce about this momentous occasion in your life as you celebrate an anniversary or just because you want to. Below is a list of some of the best keepsakes you to remember from your special day.

1. Best Keepsakes: Your Wedding Invitation

Do you have any spare wedding invitations? Keeping one in your memory box or in a frame can be an excellent choice for a keepsake. You’ve spent the money on printing them, so why not use them further if you have a few extras?

2. Wedding Table Centerpieces

Another great option is preserving one of your wedding table centerpieces as a decorative feature in your home. If you have larger centerpieces that might look out of place in your house, consider taking part in them to transform them into something new that will still resemble your special day.

3. Wedding Photography

Of course, having a professional photographer at your wedding is essential to help document the day with quality pictures that capture all the love on the day. You might choose to have a few posed photographs with the wedding party, but some candid snaps can often be the best of the bunch. If you’re getting married, seek the services of professional wedding photographers like

4. Notes from Your Guests

Many couples choose to have a guestbook at their wedding as this can allow their loved ones to leave personal messages and well wishes. It can be an excellent keepsake to look back on later for married couples, or even with the friends you had present to celebrate with you on your special day.

5. Dried Flowers from Your Bouquet

Pressed, dried flowers can make beautiful home décor pieces. You could take a few flowers from your wedding bouquet and have them dried and pressed to transform them into art pieces to display in your home. Or a DIY project is to press and frame some to place on bookshelves or the mantlepiece.

6. More Keepsakes: Copies of the Wedding Party Speeches

This one can depend greatly on the content of those speeches – some are better than others! But if the words of your best friends and other loved ones in their speeches moved you, ask them for a copy. Then put the speeches in a scrapbook of wedding memories and favorite photos.

You will never forget the wedding day, but collecting a few keepsakes to cherish in the years to come never hurts. Consider the suggestions above and see if they are something you would love, or use these ideas to help inspire your own.

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