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The 4 best personalized wedding gift ideas

Personalized wedding gift ideas

Choosing the perfect wedding present is easier said than done. It’s easy to buy newlyweds something tried and true like silverware or wine glasses, but the best gifts are heartfelt and thoughtful. If you’re not sure quite where to start, this list of personalized wedding gift ideas is sure to provide some inspiration!

1. A special couple’s collage

This present is usually the best when you are close to the newlyweds and have access to an assortment of photos of them. Take the pictures and create a collage of the memories you all share.

Then, buy a photo frame to preserve the collage, and the new married couple’s hearts will melt when they lay eyes on the sentimental offering. Or, create a photo book that the couple can thumb through whenever they want to reminisce over the years.

2. More personalized wedding ideas: Blanket, anyone?

Throw blankets are something every couple needs. If the newly married couple loves watching movies at home, you could even customize the blanket with something like “Ben and Katie’s Movie Night Blanket.” When they want to snuggle up on the couch for date night, this soft blanket will come in handy.

To go with your gift, don’t forget to include a card to congratulate the new couple. Write about your favorite memories with the newlyweds and wish them the best with the printable card below.

Wedding card printable

3. Coffee bundle

If you know the lovebirds can’t get enough of their coffee, a coffee maker can make for the perfect present. Not only is it a thoughtful purchase, but the couple will also likely get a lot of use out of it. To go the extra mile, you could even couple the appliance with a pair of customized coffee mugs labeled “Mr. Lastname” and “Mrs. Lastname.”

4. A gift basket

Now that the bachelorette party is done, it’s time to figure out what to give the soon-to-be bride and groom on the big day. Sometimes the best approach is an assortment of tinier, thoughtful gifts in a single basket for each of them to use separately or together.

A gift basket featuring the newlywed’s favorite goodies is often a great idea. Maybe you include gift cards to their favorite stores, books in genres they love, or travel brochures if they are known adventurers. When it comes to gift baskets, anything goes. Just be sure to put thought into each gift.

For an extra personalized touch, use the wedding gift tags below. Print them, cut out your favorite tag, and write a heartfelt note on the back.

Wedding gift tags printable

Concluding words on personalized wedding gift ideas

Regardless of which goodie you decide to give the newly married couple, just remember that it’s the thought that counts the most. To celebrate their special day, you want to show them how much they mean to you. Use the ideas above as inspiration to choose the perfect sentimental gift.

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