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Considering breast augmentation? Here’s what to expect

Breast augmentation what to expect

Although more than 200,000 people in the U.S. choose to have breast augmentation, how can you determine if surgery is the right choice for you? If you’re considering taking the plunge and having breast augmentation surgery, you’re probably wondering what to expect before, during, and after the procedure.

The most common questions cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Brandon Ball is asked about include how long the procedure takes, how much time is needed off work, and how much the procedure hurts during the healing phase. Find the answers to these questions and more below.

What to expect BEFORE the breast augmentation procedure

The first step to breast augmentation is your consultation with your cosmetic surgeon. The purpose of this appointment is to explore your options, discuss your goals, and voice any concerns.

During the consultation, you’ll discuss the different types of breast implants, breast implant shapes, and where the doctor will place the incisions. You will also be able to see what different breast implant sizes and shapes will look like with a special bra.

The consultation will be crucial in deciding whether the surgery is right for you. You’ll get an accurate quote from the surgeon too.F

If you decide to go ahead with the surgery, booking the appointment at the time of the consultation is an option. Or, if you want more time to think it over, you can call to book it later.

ON THE DAY OF the procedure

On the day of the procedure, do not eat or drink anything for eight hours before the scheduled surgery. Refraining from eating and drinking beforehand minimizes the chance of regurgitation while under general anesthesia.

In terms of what clothing to wear on the big day, choose a loose-fitting outfit. Preferably there are no zippers or buttons on the front of your shirt.

It’s also important to arrange for someone to drive you home after the surgery as you will be unable to do so. Asking someone to stay with you for 24 hours after the surgery is also recommended.

Upon arriving on the day of, you’ll change into a hospital gown. At the start of the procedure, the surgeon will make incision guidelines on your breasts with a marker. The professional will then clean the area with antimicrobial soap and hook you up to monitors that measure your vital signs.

The surgeon will then put two IV lines in place. One is for hydration and the other is for anesthetic.

You will be fully anesthetized throughout the entire procedure. The surgery will take around one and a half hours in total.

What to expect AFTER the breast augmentation

In the 24 hours following the surgery, it’s a good idea to have someone stay with you. Your breasts will be dressed with gauze, and you’ll need to wear a compression bra while healing for six weeks.

You’ll also get a prescription for painkillers to take for two days after the surgery. Ask your doctor about taking NSAIDs, such as Ibuprofen, to relieve any further pain following the operation, if needed.

After the first two or three days, you’ll be able to drive again and return to work. As the surgeon will likely explain, it’s best to avoid any strenuous activity for six weeks post-op. Sleeping on your back or side while healing is often a recommendation from professionals too.

A few last words

Finally, be aware that although complications are rare, they do occur. Thus, it is important to keep an eye out for signs of infection at the surgery site. If you experience abnormal bleeding or excessive pain, contact your surgeon immediately.

Please note that this post does not take the place of medical advice. Always contact your doctor with questions and recommendations specifically for your body.

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