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How to reduce scars after breast augmentation

Reduce scars after breast augmentation

If you are considering surgery to increase your breast size, shape, or fullness, it is important to know exactly what to expect and understand the risks. Only then can you make an informed decision. One concern may be scarring after the procedure. Below are tips to help reduce scars after breast augmentation.

Wear a support bra

After the placement of Breast Implants, it is often a good idea to wear a post-operative bra throughout the day and the night. It will help support the breasts and ensure only minimal stress on the scar.

Listen to your surgeon regarding when and how long to wear this type of undergarment. Some people have to wear the bra for up to six months after surgery. Doing so is essential for the healing process because this is also when the scar tissue will start to form.

During this time, avoid wearing underwire bras. The wiring may irritate or rub the scar.

Usually, post-operative bras will have a strong, yet soft band. This design provides support while still being gentle.

Creams to reduce scars after breast implants

There are several creams to use when undergoing breast surgery. One is an anti-bacterial cream. This will be needed to help protect against infection. This cream is going to be recommended by a surgeon and a person needs to make sure they follow the instructions carefully.

Another type of cream is a softening cream. This is only applied once the wound is fully healed. It helps to keep the scar flexible, and in some situations, will hydrate the area. The last is silicone treatments. When it comes to reducing scars, this is one of the best things to purchase.

Apply the silicone treatments

As mentioned above, a silicone treatment will work to hydrate the scar tissue, which creates a flatter and softer scar. These can also serve as a barrier to any type of bacteria.

The material is considered “breathable,” which means that the scar tissue will not become irritated or sweaty. It can also reduce that itchy feeling that scars are known to create. It is important to note that the silicone treatment should only be applied once the wound has been healing for two to three weeks.

Gently massage the breast augmentation scar area

With gentle massaging, it is possible to flatten and soften the scar. This is something that should be done once the scab is gone. Oil or cream can be used to help with this process.

Also, the pressure provided by a massage will increase the blood flow in the skin too, which will heal up the overall healing process. Remember, scars are made of collagen that is knitted together to help heal wounds. Massaging the area will help to evenly distribute this collagen, which prevents cases of buildup.

Follow the surgeon’s instructions

When it comes to plastic surgery and how to reduce scars after breast implants, there are more than a few things that need to be kept in mind. Be sure to keep these tips in mind, but more importantly, a person who has undergone these procedures needs to follow the instructions provided by their surgeon.

This is going to help reduce the scarring and ensure that it does not come more prominent than it has to. Remember, scars are just part of the healing process, but by following the right steps, they can be prevented.

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