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3 jobs women are moving into that used to be just for men

Jobs women moving into

As women continue to fight for equality in society and the workplace, more opportunities open up for women in nontraditional roles. Across the globe, many campaigns and educational programs are supporting this movement for equal rights and to drown out the old idea that women cannot do certain things. Below are three jobs that women are moving into that were historically only for men.

1. Engineering

Engineering has traditionally been seen as a man’s field for two reasons. Firstly, it can be very physical work. Secondly, because of the math and science skills involved, which historically women have been discouraged from studying to a high level.

Organizations such as IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) are now working hard to encourage women into the profession of engineering and science. They hold regular talks and campaigns on the subject.

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) also works towards the goal of equality in engineering. This organization has publications and various articles highlighting existing female engineers and their successes.

As a result of efforts like these ones, it is less rare to see a woman on the team. The strength of the female community in the industry is growing.

2. Construction jobs women are moving into

Similar to engineering, construction has always been represented as a male industry, with only about 10% of workers in the industry being women. But the number of women joining the industry promises to slowly rise because of the demand for workers and support campaigns.

Many women have fit nicely into project management and office-based roles. Yet, there is still a need for there to be more equality within trade roles.

The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) attempts to change that by providing educative resources, support, and networking to members. They also have a magazine and YouTube channel to keep the conversation going.

3. Management

Management roles across all industries have historically favored men. But that is dramatically changing as more women are pioneering the way in leadership roles.

The percentage of women in senior or middle management roles in the USA is now at 42%. There is still a need though for more women leaders.

Culture shifts need to happen. That can enable women to sustain and be proud of their true selves. It may alleviate the expectation to manage in the same “style” as a man. Many education providers are making it easier to obtain management qualifications now.

That can make help women climb the career ladder. You might even follow in the footsteps of Anne Giardini by working in the upper ranks of a university.

While being a nurse is traditionally seen as a female role, more nurses can now access affordable online courses to give them the skills to enter a management role. Learn more by visiting the University website.

Takeaway on jobs women are moving into

Overall, there is still a long way to go before job opportunities are equal between for women. But with regular campaigns, legislation, and educational programs, society is heading in the right direction.

As more women achieve these roles, their examples are success stories that encourage more females to enter nontraditional fields. Let’s do this!

4 thoughts on “3 jobs women are moving into that used to be just for men”

  1. I have never seen women doing construction work here in the Philippines but I have seen women excelling in the engineering department and in management positions. I don’t want to sound biased but I see women as individuals that work better than men. :D

  2. When driving, Christy, many of the ‘road workers’ I see are more and more women! At first I was surprised, however, now it’s the norm. Their pay is the same as the men’s pay; as are their work hours, etc.
    Equality is being seen almost everywhere; even if only in its beginnings. There is still a long way to go. However, change is mostly small steps. Hoorah for each and every one!

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