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Steps to obtain your Italian citizenship by descent

Itallian citizenship by descent

Those who want to broaden their horizons are open to the idea of immigration. Italy is one of the popular destinations because it offers citizenship by descent route. The fact that millions of Americans trace their roots to Italy accounts for its immense popularity as an immigration destination. While the Jure Sanguinis process is the simplest among the citizenship routes, it is vital to understand how it works. You can read this page before starting the application process for your second passport. Below is an overview of the steps to get your Italian citizenship by descent.

Step #1: Assess your eligibility for Jure Sanguinis

Everything boils down to your eligibility when it comes to applying for citizenship by descent. You can apply through your parents and previous generations (as long as they were Italian citizens after 1861).

Your ancestor shouldn’t have been naturalized elsewhere before giving birth to the next in the Italian bloodline. Remember that you will fall in an exception if claiming through a female ascendant who gave birth before 1948.

Step #2: Gather your documents

The next step involves document gathering and is perhaps the most challenging part. The biggest challenge is procuring paperwork from your ancestor’s Italian comune.

You can imagine the kind of effort required to get certificates of birth, marriage, and death of a distant ancestor. Furthermore, you will have to collect some non-Italian records of naturalization and your proof of ID. The translation and legalization of these documents also likely require significant time and effort.

Step #3: Apply at your local consulate

After sorting out the paperwork, you are all set to apply for the process. You will probably find this step to be the easiest part of the Italian citizenship by descent process.

The good thing is that you can file an application for your second passport at a local Italian consulate instead of traveling to Italy. It can save you a lot of money by skipping travel and accommodation expenses.

Step #4: Wait for your appointment

Even though filing at the local consulate sounds easy, there’s a catch. You may have to wait for several months or even a year for your interview appointment with the Italian consulate.

They often have long queues waiting, so you’re likely going to have to wait a while. But you have a good chance of making it through the citizenship interview if your documents are complete and accurate.

Bonus step: Collaborate with an Italian citizenship expert

It is wise to collaborate with an Italian citizenship specialist to overcome delays and hassles. These experts can help you collect the Italian documents from your ancestor’s place.

This professional also makes sure that your application and documents have no errors and omissions. Not to mention, having an expert to handhold you through the journey makes you more confident about the process.

The Italian citizenship by descent process is relatively short. But you need to know the steps and complete them on time. Ensuring accurate documentation is also vital. Covering these fronts enables you to achieve your goals without delays and hassles.

Also, prepare for the journey ahead if you are planning on moving or traveling to Italy soon by learning a second language – Italian! Take the time to find out too about the culture, common practices, and more, to help you understand more about what to expect if you go to Italy.

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