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5 steps to prepare your senior parents to move into a nursing home

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Suppose your senior parents start having difficulties due to their health and the care needs are becoming more demanding and challenging than you realized. In this case, it may be time to prepare for the possibility of moving them into a nursing home.

While it may seem like a gloomy prospect, there are some things you can do right now to ensure that your loved ones will have a smooth and easy transition to their new environment. Although nursing homes have been popular in the U.S. for decades, some people might still find it hard to prepare for the physical and emotional changes of transferring to a senior facility.

That said, here are some steps to help you prepare your senior parents before moving into a nursing home:

1. Have a family discussion

The first and critical step is discussing the planned move among family members. Every member of the family, particularly your senior parents, should be on board simply because making this decision can directly impact them. If you have siblings, you should discuss and agree on the next steps to be done.

For instance, you’ll have to talk about your parents’ conditions and needs. You’ll have to know when elderly need companion care. You must also discuss practical aspects, such as the cost, location, and the type of nursing home.

Above all, don’t forget to seek the opinion of your parents. Maybe they’ve already considered the move years ago and may have plans on where they want to go.

2. Check out several local facilities

Even if your parents feel fixated about a particular nursing home, it would still be a good idea to take them on a tour of several nursing facilities. While the accommodation seems beautiful on brochures or websites, it’s still best to visit the place to see how pleasant it is in actuality.

Finding the right care home for your senior parents means carefully checking how comfortable and at ease they’ll be once they move in.

Aside from the place itself, be sure to also ask the facility administrators all the questions you can think of, so you’ll know how the management and staff deal with medical emergencies or problems. For example, you can ask how they handle special dietary needs or medications.

3. Consider the finances involved

As mentioned, there are various aspects to consider when planning your senior parents’ move to a nursing home. This includes financial matters. On top of the medications, opting for professional help and care can be costly too. That’s why you must consider the financial aspect of moving.

To help you sort out the finances involved, you can consider federal and state medical programs that offer assistance in nursing home payments.

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4. Put your parents early on the waiting list

While it is true that discussing nursing homes and senior care can be uncomfortable, it shouldn’t be put off. It’s ideal to discuss this among families sooner than later so that everyone can prepare for it emotionally, physically, and financially speaking. More so, nursing homes can often get full, so getting in can pose a challenge.

That said, if you and your senior parents have already found an ideal nursing home, the next step is to immediately place your seniors on a waiting list. By doing so, you can secure a spot and avoid the trouble of finding another nursing home that can accommodate your senior parents’ healthcare needs.

5. Create a final plan for transfer

The final step to getting your senior parents to a nursing home is finalizing the move-in details. You can sort this by yourself, or if you have siblings, it’d be a good idea to split the responsibilities. You should be able to have answers to questions such as, who will drive your parents to the nursing home? Who will get all the personal essentials needed for the transfer?

By having a concrete plan in place, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition both for you and your senior parents. Moreover, instead of worrying about logistics, you’d get to be more present and focus more on making your parents comfortable during this big move.

The bottom line

The process of preparing your senior parents for a move into a nursing home can be uncomfortable and stressful. You and your family must be able to consider several aspects- from what nursing home is best for your seniors’ healthcare needs to financial matters.

Preparing for this big move can be an overwhelming process. But with proper planning, you and your senior parents can have an easier and more efficient transition.


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