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How to correctly sanitize baby toys

Sanitize baby toys tips

Children are a blessing to have around as they bring joy and smiles to everyone that works with them. They love to sleep, play and spend time with the people they love. And they certainly love to play with their toys. But as a parent, you probably are thinking about all the germs that toys can pick up over time and how to sanitize baby toys so they are clean and not miniature germ factories.

Unsure exactly how to clean the toys? Here are some things that you can do to make things safe for everyone.

How to clean baby toys

There is no set schedule as to when baby toys should be cleaned. The way to tell if toys need to be cleaned is based on how often they are used and how many different hands contact them.

    • The key to cleaning a toy is to use a safe cleaning agent for young hands and dig deep into the toy’s surface. Vinegar-based cleaners are not a good option because they do not disinfect well enough. Hot and soapy water is a great way to clean toys immersed in water.
    • You can even use the washing machine for stuffed animals and other items that can be dried in a dryer. The key for these toys is to make sure they are entirely dried, so mold does not start to grow inside the toy.
    • Plastic toys and rubber rings can also be cleaned on the top dishwasher rack. You will want to secure the toys so they are not moved around by the water jets. And as long as the toys are on the top rack, they should be fine for the drying cycle. If your dishwasher has a sanitizing setting, you will want to select that option before starting the cycle.
    • Another easy way to clean more giant toys is to sanitize wipes, which can be found at your local store. Once you have used the clothes, throw them into the trash, and there is no messy clean-up or need to wash the rags once used.
    • You can also mix 1/2 of bleach with a gallon of water. It is advisable to rinse the toys once submerged in the solution, and this will help keep the toy free from harmful residue from the bleaching agents.
    • You can also keep the toys free from dirt by dusting the room regularly. This activity will help keep dust particles from accumulating on the surface of the toys.

Concluding words on sanitizing toys for babies

There are a lot of different kinds of toys that kids play with as they age, with parents choosing what is age-appropriate. Children of all ages love to play and use their imaginations while playing with their toys. And the more hands that come into contact with toys, the more germs can be transmitted.

The toys must stay clean to avoid spreading viral infections around them. The process of cleaning your children’s toys is relatively simple and can usually be completed in less than a day. And you will have peace of mind knowing that the toys are clean and your child is safe during the pandemic and beyond.

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