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5 ways to support the woman in your life right now

Support the woman in your life

All the opportunities in the world are ours for the taking, and ours to be shared. It should be one’s mission to be an ally to the other women in this generation and to create a community that is grounded in supporting one another. Being a feminist isn’t so much about using your voice, but how you use your own stage to support and encourage other women to find their own. You can make a difference! Here are ways to support the woman in your life:

1. Connect with other women

Find someone or an organization that shares your beliefs and thoughts, and then connect with them. This is easy to do online. Pastor Paula White has a lifestyle video network in which she connects, inspires, and encourages women of faith, empowering women to come together and share common interests.

Model empowerment and female confidence! Model having strength and kindness.  Doing so will create a pathway to success and hopefully instill a much more fulfilling, wholehearted life.

It starts with connecting with other like-minded women who support and encourage you. And do the same for them. Today you have women only communities such as Coto where you can have conversations in a safe and private manner while connecting with women across all walks of life.

2. Celebrate her successes

Women have been trained through generational behaviors and society to automatically feel jealous when other women have success. That could mean another woman looking fabulous when you go out for dinner, or a woman just got a promotion and now makes more money than you do.

But, celebrating other women’s successes, whether it be large or small, is one of the easiest ways to break those societal expectations of competition. That is the definition of grace.

We need to learn that other women’s successes make us stronger, not weaker! Other women succeeding are paving the way for us to succeed and feel good about ourselves, as well.

3. Support girls and women in crisis

Millions of girls are subjected to abuse, child labor, trafficking, and other offenses, and it needs to stop. Protecting girls and women must be a priority.

That begins with equipping skilled, local staff with the training, education, and other programs to reach women and girls. It can help end the cycles of gender-based violence.

Many girls in the US are also held back by poverty, or teen violence. You could reach out and influence the life of a girl in your own community by volunteering as a mentor. This could be through Big Brothers Big Sisters.

In the workplace, employers can take steps to improve the safety of employees of all genders. For example, consider conducting more risk assessments for women traveling on behalf of your company before they leave.

4. Invest in a small business owner

Connect with hardworking female entrepreneurs through World Vision microloans. This action can transform their dreams of expanding a successful business.

Your donated funds are recycled continuously to help more people and create a bigger impact. A small loan may be all that the person you invest in needs to start to fulfill their dream to be a small business owner.

5. Listen actively to support the woman in your life

Most people only listen until they have the information they need, or until they have formulated their response. Sometimes your inner circle needs more help than you could ever imagine.

When actively listening, pay attention, show that you’re actually hearing what they say through your body language. Try not to be judgemental; instead, respond as a friend.

Having someone there to listen to us can help us know who our true friends are, and who we can count on for support. That is especially constructive when it’s women supporting women.

What are other great ways to support women?

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