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How employers can ease safety concerns for female business travellers

Easy safety concerns

Business travel adds an element of risk for employees that aren’t in a safe and secure office environment. The threat of health, crime, natural disasters, political and social instability, and many other factors can impact a traveling employee. Unfortunately, these threats and risks are commonly greater for women than men. Studies have shown that over 80% of female business travelers have been subject to a security or safety concern while away on business. Yet, corporate travel policies typically lack extra support or consideration for female travelers. As such, how can employers adapt their policies and ease safety concerns for women traveling on behalf of the company?

To ease safety concerns: Conduct more thorough risk assessments

Women face a different set of risks in society in general. That translates to business travel too.

Thus, risk assessments should consider these when planning a trip, so women have the opportunity to succeed in their business endeavors without worrying about potential risks and hazards. Risk should be assessed concerning transport options, accommodation, and general threats to her safety in the area.

Reconsider travel and accommodation options

Transport and accommodation are perhaps the two biggest factors regarding safety for female business travelers. In the planning and booking stage, the real emphasis should be on booking safer transport options, such as pre-booked taxi services rather than public transport, especially early in the morning or late at night.

Try to book accommodation in a secure location, ensuring that the provider follows rigorous safety procedures. It may be best to consider serviced apartments in big cities such as New York to provide that added level of security.

Give more information

Employers should provide business travelers with more information if their destination is associated with more risk. This could be cultural norms, dress codes, business or social etiquette.

The additional details won’t mitigate all the known risks, unfortunately. But it can help to prepare employees for certain environments.

Ease safety concerns by enabling easier communication

Communication is key if someone feels threatened or at risk while away on business. Ensure that traveling employees know emergency contact numbers and can communicate with relevant people in the local area or back home from the company.

Feeling cut off and without communication can lead to extra stress and anxiety. So, ensure employees have the necessary communication devices, such as phones and international SIM cards if they are abroad.

8 thoughts on “How employers can ease safety concerns for female business travellers”

  1. Christy, this is a great suggestion list. I worked for a publishing company years ago and was one of the executives traveling each week of the month out of town. Actually 99% of the field staff were women. There really weren’t any safeguards put into place back then, and I really don’t think anyone in our headquarters actually gave our safety much thought. Thus we had to be vigilant about our surroundings during our travels.

    Now of course we didn’t stay in raunchy hotels so the crazies (who were male business travelers BTW) tried to pull some unscrupulous acts (even when I stayed on the Concierge Floor). I guess buttholes will be buttholes, but regardless, I was not tolerating any of it. I may have stepped out like a runway model when I headed to my accounts, but little did they know that everything I wore, from my 3″ stilettoes, to my earrings, to my oversized rings, to my lapel pins and the car keys I kept in between my fingers were automatic weapons. Girl, if I had to, I was not going down without a fight! 🥊😜🥊 Great post my friend. 🤗

    1. Your wardrobe became your defense mechanism! That’s ingenious, Kym. It’s sad, though, that you had to think that way. I’m hopeful more companies are stepping up when it comes to looking out for the safety of all their traveling employees. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

    2. Thank you for opening up this discussion Christy. Hopefully more companies will be more aware that is isn’t just about the money, but their people. I simply had to be creative based on my experience as a Tom Boy! LOL 🤣😜😂 I appreciate ya girlfriend! 🤗💖😊

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