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5 home education tips for parents

Home education tips

These days, more and more families are choosing to educate their kids at home and online. With many people still working from home, they are seeing how flexible work schedules and child schooling can be. So, here are five home education tips to make the most of your child’s school day.

1. Set up a routine

Most children do well with a routine, which is something they get naturally at school. But when they are learning from home, there are more distractions and home comforts, so it’s very important to stick to a timetable.

As a parent, try to stay disciplined to make a healthy learning environment. This point is important, no matter what are your child’s educational needs.

The best way to set up a routine is to keep the homeschooling timetable as close to the classroom timetable as possible. That means being at the desk or the computer at nine and finishing around three, with breaks in-between. The child might be online for some of the day.

2. More education tips: Pace their learning at home

As with adults, children have different personalities and learning styles. For instance, one child might need the reliability of a set schedule, while another will rebel against this and cause problems. That’s why it’s good to stay flexible with their learning and move at their pace.

Understanding your child’s personality is important here. Aim to create a schedule that allows some flexibility for them to take off on their own for a while, or one that’s more mechanical if they need it. Finding the balance between these two aspects can help your child to learn better and improve results.

3. Make the child a teacher

The teacher-student relationship is traditionally one of hierarchy and authority, but that’s starting to change. Nowadays, teachers are friendlier with their students, within reason, and there isn’t the same distance between them. That’s one reason you can make the student the teacher.

Research the national curriculum and find a topic they need to study. Then, ask them to research the topic for an hour and present their findings back to you as if they were doing your job. That is an excellent learning strategy for them, and it gives them teaching experience at a young age.

4. Show an interest

Studying at school can be boring, even when you are at home school. Students have to study topics they aren’t interested in, and they would rather play video games instead. But not if you show any interest in their work and elevate it for them, trying to make the topic relatable to them.

This is where the Age of Learning software comes in; with this innovative home education software, you can engage your young learners with the technology they are accustomed to. The approach makes the process of teaching easier and helps to get the results they deserve. Plus, tech is the future.

5. Final home education tip: Keep active

It’s no secret that exercise helps the brain to function better. That’s why it’s a good idea to integrate some active time into the home school day for your child. Even 15 minutes outside or some yoga poses can be the movement and activity that helps boost their performance.

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