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How to be more productive working from home

Be productive working from home

Many people began working out of their homes when the COVID-19 pandemic began, and some workers will continue to do so long after it ends. To help you get more out of the workday, here are tips to be productive working from home.

What is productivity?

Productivity and performance are among the top metrics of success. Generally speaking, productivity refers to the amount and quality of work within a specific time.

The definition of what it means to be productive at your organization, though, can differ from another company. It might refer to client calls, analyses, product quality, or something else.

To be productive working from home, search for quiet

The chances are good that some spots in the house are quieter than others. While a designed room as a home office with a door would be ideal, it might not be a reality. Perhaps you have to create a multi-purpose room that combines your office with the bedroom or your office is in the TV room.

You might also start looking for a different type of housing that better meets your needs now that you’re working from home. Learn more about the recent housing trends resulting from the switch to home working following the start of the pandemic.

When choosing where to put your desk, look for a spot that is generally quiet during the day or where you can close the door for privacy. Doing so will help you get more done as you can focus more without interruptions.

Also, explain to your partner and kids when you are unavailable because of work and ask them not to interrupt you unless it is an emergency. That way, you can work through the day easier.

Get a plant (or two)

Did you know that adding a plant to the workspace may help you get more done? Along with purifying the air, plants are known for their ability to promote positive energy.

As a recent UK study found, adding flora to the workplace can also improve satisfaction levels and productivity by as much as 15 percent. They can fill a space and add variety to the room.

Just make sure that they’re easy-care plants if you don’t have a green thumb. That way, they are more likely to survive longer.

Be comfortable to be more productive working from home

If your back is always aching, how are you supposed to stay focused at your desk? It will be much more difficult to do so than if you are comfortable.

To help you get more done, invest in a quality computer chair and desk. Then, go a step further, and ensure that your sitting position at the desk is ergonomically correct.

If you find it uncomfortable to sit for long periods, consider getting a standing desk. Or, set a timer to go off regularly throughout the workday to remind you to get up to stretch or walk around the house for a few minutes. These options may help prevent a stiff back.

If you are on a budget, like many people, inquire if your employer will help with these office equipment costs. Employers have certain legal obligations towards remote workers, and it’s important to understand what they are. In the public or private sector, click here to connect with an employment lawyer who can answer your questions.

Declutter the workspace

Regularly take a few minutes to declutter the work area, whether you have your own business or an employee. For example, recycle papers that you no longer need and remove items that no longer belong in the home office, such as coffee mugs. Purging the space of extra items can help you keep the focus on work assignments, rather than being distracted by an abundance of objects around you.

Also, being around physical clutter can be stressful. On the other hand, an organized area is calming and more likely to be an environment that you want to work in.

Investing in storage options is a great way to stay organized. Perhaps you put extra shelving on the walls, for example, to hold binders, baskets of supplies, or file folders.

Take breaks

Believe it or not, taking breaks will actually contribute to productivity, in many cases. Working non-stop throughout the day won’t necessarily mean you get more done. Even a five-minute breather away from the computer can help you reset your mind.

Take the time to relax and clear your mind of any challenges earlier in the day. Perhaps you go for a walk or just enjoy a cup of tea in the kitchen.

What are some other ways to increase home office productivity?

11 thoughts on “How to be more productive working from home”

  1. Love the plants tip. I have about 50… a few are trees!
    Thing is, when you have a lot of plants, you are forced to take breaks. Just watering them is like going for a walk.

  2. Hi Christy, I try to do these things like get up and walk around the house. Some weeks I am just so busy, like this one past when I was working 12 hour days, and it all goes pear shaped. I pay for it with chronic neck and upper back ache.

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