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5 ways to wear camo print

How to wear camo

Are you wondering how to wear camo and rock it like the modern queen you are? Since we want to see you look stylish, regardless of your budget, keep reading for lots of styling tips on how to rock this combat style.

Camo is back in style

Tie-dye had its much-awaited comeback and 15 minutes of fame last year, but this year is all about camo. The popularity of camo often wavers over the years, but right now there’s no denying the popularity of this military-style print, from tees and blouses to cargo pants, shorts, dresses, and loungewear.

Camo print is the crème de la crème when it comes to showcasing your savvy style. Aside from being one of the most versatile prints around, camouflage exudes an effortlessly cool look when teamed with a slew of popular tops and bottoms.

1. Camo pants

Camo pants can make the military-style print truly shine. But you don’t have to look like G.I. Jane to wear them. It’s all about tapping into the combat attitude, so you can make your favorite outfit look chic and edgy.

You can pull off any look with camo pants, from relaxed and casual to smart and dressy. The real sparks fly when it comes to dressing camo pants casually, of course. And you can wear them with pretty much any top.

For instance, pairing olive green camo pants with a light blue denim jacket and a white tank is a laid-back you can pull off in no time. You can add a pair of leather flat sandals in your favorite neutral color to switch it up a little.

If you want to take on a more relaxed look, swap out the flat sandals for a pair of low-top sneakers. Add a pair of black sunglasses and a gold pendant or watch to complete the outfit. Even better, switch the denim for an olive military jacket.

Want to create a functional yet relaxed look? Sanctuary Clothing suggests teaming your camo pants with a black print crew-neck tee. The pair looks stunning and is incredibly practical together.

Consider pairing camo pants with a navy blue sleeveless blazer for a modern smart-casual outfit. The two pieces really work really well together. Amp up the classiness factor by donning a pair of black embellished sunglasses, a fuzzy cardigan, and pink satin pumps.

If it is a bit freezing outside and you want to rock a smart casual look, wear your camouflage pants. For this one, you’ll want to wear a white long sleeve t-shirt and a dark green parka. Wear a pair of gray suede ankle boots to finish the look. A cashmere scarf can add warmth.

Another idea for a modern outfit is to pair olive camo skinny pants with an olive denim jacket. Try taking on a different nuance when it comes to shoes by finishing off your outfit with red leather ankle boots. Or, slip on a pair of trendy summer slides in the warmer months.

If you want to go dressier, believe it or not, camo pants are something you can wear. Add a gray long-sleeved blouse or a gray dress shirt to take it up a notch. For a stunning look, wear a pair of hot pink suede pumps.

2. Wear a camo jacket

Camo jackets can look stunningly fashion-forward when you style and accessorize them well. For instance, dial-up your look by pairing gray sweatpants with an olive camo jacket. This absolutely gorgeous casual outfit is even more striking with white leather pumps and a white dress shirt.

Even better, wear a combo of blue ripped boyfriend jeans and a camo jacket for a stylish casual look without sacrificing comfort. Why not add a black and white print crew-neck t-shirt, black sunglasses, and black leather heeled sandals to the ensemble for a refined touch?

Camo jackets go well with less traditional options like leather pants, miniskirts, skater skirts, and even leather miniskirts. Red tapered leather pants and a camo jacket are made for each other! It is a striking outfit that’s easy to put together.

Alternatively, you can pair a black leather miniskirt with a dark green camo jacket. Instantly dress down this combo with white low-top sneakers.

For an occasion that calls for a smart casual look, complement your camo jacket with skinny black jeans. If you’re feeling a bit inventive, liven up your outfit by wearing black suede pumps and a white dress shirt. Finish it off with black sunglasses and a black leather tote bag.

If you want to put together a warm outfit in fall and winter, go for navy leans, a camo jacket, and a black turtleneck. For a more relaxed flair, add a black leather crossbody bag and a pair of black leather lace-up flat boots. Whether you’re getting ready for a lunch date or heading to the theaters to watch Psych 3, this outfit fits the bill.

3. Camouflage hats

When most people think of camo, they often think of classics like camo cargo pants, leggings, and jackets. But camo hats and caps are awesome too, and the modern woman can style them in many different ways.

First of all, a camo cap and bomber jacket are a winning combination to add to your collection of casual wear. If you’re feeling a bit inventive, complete the outfit with black and white slip-on sneakers and an olive v-neck t-shirt. Navy ripped skinny jeans are a great addition to the ensemble.

To be ready for any casual occasion, pair a camo hat with an olive jumpsuit. By creating a styling wardrobe with a range of trendy and classic pieces, you’re ready to dress for whatever event is happening today.

Do you feel a bit creative? If so, add a bit of sizzle to your get-up by wearing a pair of black leather heeled sandals.

4. Wear camo shirts

Many women wear camo shirts unbuttoned over tees, but you can totally button it up if you want to. Pair either look with skinny charcoal jeans to show you’re on-trend.

Add suede wedge sneakers in tan or beige to glam up the outfit. To put together an everyday outfit from your wardrobe that is full of character and charisma, switch out the skinny charcoal jeans for blue ones instead. Brown leopard sunglasses, a pair of beige leather pumps, and a hot pink leather tote bag complete the polished outfit.

5. Military-inspired details

A great way to incorporate camo print into your everyday casual outfits is with accessories. Think camouflage details like camo sneakers, camo belts, camo purses, and camo handbags.

There are even camo beanies. Above all, these camo styles make great gifts for any serious gamer or fashion-forward friend.

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