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6 anklet designs and why they’re still in style

Anklet designs

Accessorizing is an easy way to add bits and pieces of your personality to any outfit. Like any other form of jewelry, anklets are a great way to accessorize. Since they can be worn for formal events, a relaxing day at the beach, school, and doing errands, these versatile ankle-hugging accessories are a great way to add a personal flair to your wardrobe. There are many types of anklet designs, and the right one for you depends on your style.

Different types of anklet designs

Like any other accessory, anklets can be worn any time you want. Choosing which type of anklet to wear depends entirely on what look you are trying to achieve, and shopping for anklets doesn’t have to be a challenge.

1. Chain anklets

They are one of the simplest yet most versatile options. Dress the jewelry up or down by pairing it with jeans, leggings, skirts, shorts, or dresses.

These anklets are wearable as singles and layer several together. The most popular option is usually to wear one at a time.

There are plenty of ways to customize chain anklets too. Enhance them with pendants, charms, and beads, if you want to do so.

2. Crystal type

This type is a more glamorous option. They are often created to mimic the look of diamonds.

They offer a more luxurious aesthetic than a chain style. That’s because of the sparkles and shine.

Crystal anklets make a great choice for nights out and formal events. The extra touch is a nice (and easy) one.

3. Layered anklet designs

This type is huge in jewelry trends right now. Celebrities and social media influencers all over have been spotted wearing layered necklaces and rings, and the same thing is happening with anklets.

If your goal is to remain as trendy as possible, opt for a layered anklet. You might also try to replicate the rest of the outfit of your favorite celeb.

4. Beaded ones too

Here is a fun and playful way to spice up your outfit. They often come in bright and fun colors.

There are also beaded ones in neutral colors. That’s great if you prefer a more understated or natural look.

The beads on these anklets can be made of many different materials. Resin, metal, natural stone, and even crystal are some examples.

These anklets have a summery feel that is great for vacations. This is even more true as they are often designed to last even when wet. They also look great with a swimsuit or other beachwear.

5. Beach anklets

Much like the beaded anklets, beach anklets are great for vacationing and summery vibes. After all, these anklets are designed for the beach.

They are created to endure both water and heat, making them perfect for hitting the sand and waves. These anklets usually look the best with casual outfits.

6. Simple anklet designs

Lastly, there are simple anklets. Much like chain anklets, these provide a simple yet versatile fashion choice.

The style is delicate and is wearable on many different occasions. They are much more subtle than the other types and are often thinner than the classic chain anklets.

Minimalist anklets like these are easy to combine with other jewelry to create the perfect look for any occasion. Sometimes, less really is more when it comes to fashion.

Are anklets still trendy?

If you want to stay current in fashion, you’re likely wondering, are anklets still in style? Yes, they are.

In the ’90s, anklets were a huge trend. Now, they’ve made a comeback!

This subtle accessory is one you can style with so many different outfits, especially with so many anklet designs to choose from, as listed above. So, it makes for a great way to enhance any outfit.

It’s a type of jewelry that is easy to wear and suitable for casual events and more formal ones. Given the versatility, it’s no wonder this fashion trend is back.

Many fashion designers and major fashion shows have featured anklets as well. Unlike in the past, anklets now are featuring simple designs. Overall, they add a classier feel to many outfits.

The jewelry is no longer confined to the summer season either, and it’s not only for beach vacations. This accessory has proven to work well, even in winter.

Plus, there are so many ways to customize anklets, so it fits your wardrobe and you won’t have to worry about another person wearing the exact same one. Plus, they’re popular with teens and adults.

One of the many ways to customize your anklet includes opting for a simple look with a delicate chain. There are bolder options, too, like chain links and thick, chunky chains.

Going for the classic beachy anklet is another way to stay on-trend, especially if it’s layered with other anklets. Lastly, adding charms is fun. Think of it as a charm bracelet for your ankle!

Benefits of wearing anklets

Like many other types of jewelry, there are benefits that come with wearing anklets. Obviously, you’re improving an outfit by adding it, which can help you feel better about your appearance and boost self-esteem.

The other benefits might surprise you. For example, some people find anklets provide welcome relief for leg pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness. Silver anklets have the potential to reduce leg and sciatic pain by providing constant friction to the ankle, which increases blood circulation.

Anklets may also provide better energy flow. The silver anklet enables energy to re-calibrate back into your body, leaving no energy wasted. This energetic flow goes through the body, and thanks to the positive silver ions, it makes a full circle so that you don’t drag.

Also, if you are on your feet a lot for work, you might have health issues, including achy, swollen heels. Thankfully, wearing an anklet could provide you with some pain relief. The improved blood flow and circulation from wearing an anklet cures the swelling of the heels and relieves pain.

Time to wear your anklets again

Anklets were a hit in the ’90s and now they’re resurfacing with many attractive styles available. While they were coined as a classic beach-only accessory in the past, the jewelry is now one to wear to almost any event.

Today, this accessory is thriving in the fashion industry and continues to be trendy all over the world. It’s time to start wearing them again!

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