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6 tips for teaching your kids bike safety

Bike safety tips for kids

Keeping in line with social distancing measures, many people have begun cycling to work. Many professionals are now cycling to work, and families have started to enjoy time together on cycling trips. After all, there is nothing better to lower your environmental impact, keep social distance measures, and travel independently than using a bike. But when you are teaching your little ones to travel by bike, it is normal to worry about their safety. The tips below can help you keep your little ones safe and healthy when riding.

Practice together

Teaching the kids how to ride a bike is undoubtedly an important rite of passage for many families. But once they have learned, consider practicing together and discovering the benefits of a family cycling holiday. This won’t just be a great way to make important memories together, but can also help you be sure that they are ready to travel alone.

Be road-wise

Being aware of road dangers – including animals and motorists – is part of being safe when riding. When trying to keep your little ones safe when riding, make sure they are aware of these risks and know how to prevent accidents.

If needed, consider training them when riding together. This is definitely an alternative activity to enjoy with your kids but it can help you make sure that they know what to do when on the road.

Find the right bike and gear

Investing in the right bike and essential gear is important to ensure that they have a safe and comfortable trip. The kind of bike you bike should be specific to their age and goals.

But you should also invest in cycling clothes and shoes. Of course, you should ask your little ones to voice their opinion and choose gear and equipment that truly works for them.

Maintain all of your cycling gear

Maintaining your gear is just as important as choosing high-quality items and equipment. When looking after clothing items and shoes, there is a lot you can do at home.

However, it is also important that the bike is secure and well-functioning. For this, you might consider working with a professional who can check on the brakes and maneuverability.

Don’t skimp on safety measures

Over 254,000 kids are injured as a consequence of bike-related accidents – and for at least 100 of them, these injuries can be fatal. So, when it comes down to shopping for safety gear, invest in the best items you can find.

Some of the essential pieces of safety gear include a helmet, knee and elbow pads, bike lighting, and horns. You should also consider additional elements like refractive straps and a portable emergency kit. The same holds true for hoverboard safety.

Know your emergency contacts

No parent would want to think about what happens when their little one is involved in a bike accident. However, the possibilities aren’t slim, and you should be sure about who to call when an emergency happens. Aside from getting comprehensive insurance cover, you should also have the contact of an expert bicycle accident lawyer at hand.

Now that you know the safety tips, happy biking with your kids!

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