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How to reconnect with your kids when you’ve been super busy

Reconnect with your kids

Whether you have a job outside of the home or not, you’re a busy mom. Running errands, taking the kids to and from school, making meals… Even when you have a partner who shares the load, there’s still a lot to do. It’s easy to lose that sense of connection with your kids while you try to stay afloat. That can happen even when you see them all the time! If you’ve noticed that you’ve grown apart from your family, here are some ways to reconnect with your kids.

Cook dinner with your kids to reconnect

A simple dinner makes sense for weeknights, especially if you and your partner don’t get home until close to supper time. Your children probably miss some of those yummy meals that take more time to make, though.

So, why not encourage them to be helpers in the kitchen on the weekends making those delicious dinners? Make it a family event, providing time for bonding as well as helping them become better at cooking, which is an important life skill.

They will appreciate your effort to cook with them. Of course, make sure you’re not having them do a task that’s too complex or dangerous for their age.

Making a dinner prepared from the heart and then eating it together at the table makes for a great memory. Cooking together can also be a great way to unwind after a busy week.

Invest in home improvement

While you can’t be there for them at all times, you can be there at the most important moments. As a parent, you also want to give them the best quality of life possible.

That involves giving them a comfortable house to grow up in. If your house needs some work to get it there, now’s a great time to transform it.

Start with your bathroom by investing in a freestanding bath. You can help them relax after a busy day at school. Of course, you will also benefit from what you sell as great bathrooms can significantly increase the value of the property. That means it’s a win-win for everyone.

Organize a trip to reconnect with your kids

The pandemic has kept you close to home, which means your kids are likely looking to get away for a bit. They might be bored of the backyard, but you want to keep them safe and so you must abide by local guidelines.

A bike ride or walk as a family to a local park can be an amazing way to spend time together. Perhaps you will take a backpack that holds snacks or lunch. What a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday!

Be sure to involve the children in planning it. They will appreciate your effort not only in coordinating a trip but involving them in it. Let them decide where to go and help create the itinerary.

Take a day (or part of it) off work

If you spent the last several weeks being super busy with work, you deserve a day off. Or, at least a few hours off, if taking a full day isn’t possible because of deadlines or worries about lost income.

So forget to work for a while to be with your kids and your partner, if you have one. Taking some time off work shows your little ones that you can balance work and personal time well, and it shows that you make them a priority.

Tell bedtime stories

When was the last time you told your children some stories when they were going to bed or read a book with them? If it has been a while, they probably miss it. You likely do too!

So, take some time tonight to do so. It’s also your time to bond with them before they close their eyes. You can ask about how their day went. It might be a simple gesture, but they will appreciate it.

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