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5 ways to switch off after a busy week

After busy week relax

If you’re over 40 like me,  the last thing you probably feel like doing after a busy week of work is rushing home to get ready for a big night out. You know what I’m talking about. A Friday night of standing in a crowded bar where it takes forever to get service, and then spending an hour trying to flag down a taxi at the end of the outing isn’t a lot of fun.

Staying in, on the other hand, sounds better, but that doesn’t mean falling asleep on the couch (although there are times that’s divine!). You can still kickstart your weekend with a bang. So, try these five ideas for a fabulous Friday without leaving home.

1. After a busy week, have a pamper night

Invite a few friends over for a mani/pedi party. Put on some music and reminisce about the good times together over the years.

Or, plan a solitary soak in a bubble bath if you don’t feel like making conversation or hosting a gettogether. Either way, wash away the cares of the week with a pampering session.

For the bubble bath, turn the lights down low and light a scented candle to take the relaxing atmosphere to a new level. Then, put on comfy clothes to rejuvenate as you begin the weekend.

2. Lose yourself in online gaming

The immersive world of online gaming can be a great way to forget about work, so switch on your Lenovo Gaming Chromebook and switch off from the stress of the week. Gaming online with friends is great for anyone wanting to socialize without the effort of getting dressed up.

What games you play is up to you. It could be. It could be Call of Duty, Bingo, or something else. Get your competitive streak on and play to win.

3. Plan a movie marathon

Nothing beats curling up with a bowl of popcorn, a cozy blanket, and a film you can quote word for word. Whether you are after an all-action classic or a tear-jerker rom-com, enjoy your me-time and allow your weary body to rest.

Movie nights are great for families, too. If you have younger children, recreate the magic of the movie theatre by dimming the lights and having special snacks.

4. Cook up a storm

If spending time in the kitchen helps you relax, why not get cooking? The rhythmic action of chopping vegetables can be therapeutic, so consider making a quick stir fry for a simple, delicious meal.

If it’s cold outside, a hearty soup is a great option – make extra to freeze. Or you can always bake. Cakes and cookies are a Friday night treat that also leaves your home smelling sweet!

Looking for more ways to unwind? Here you go!

5. Cocktail hour at home

Staying home doesn’t need to mean missing out. Stock up on spirits and spend an hour with your closest friends or partner playing mixologists.

Try new recipes as well as old favorites and take time with the presentation to create the feel of going out at home. If you have a garden, terrace, or balcony, watching the sunset with a cocktail in your hand is a blissful way to kiss goodbye to the working week.

Of course, always be responsible when drinking. Arrange for your friends to get to a cab rather than drive home, for example. And consume alcoholic drinks in moderation.

After a busy week, what will you do?

Whatever way you choose to spend your Friday evening, make sure you enjoy it. Remember, it is time to put yourself first and recharge so do what makes your soul sing.

Happy weekend! What will you do to relax and welcome the weekend?

8 thoughts on “5 ways to switch off after a busy week”

  1. Well, we don’t have a movie marathon, but we have a special Sunday morning movie.
    TCM has a program at 10:00 am every Sunday called “Noir Alley”.
    Eddie Muller has been restoring classic and lost films from the genre, for years.

    Usually 40’s – early 60’s & mostly in B&W, there are also some in colour. IE: “Chinatown”, 1974 is considered a neo-Noir, and is in colour. We watch the Noirs, with breakfast in bed.
    It’s a massive treat we look forward to every week. Thanks for the topic, Christy!

  2. Yes! Cocktails! Although I also like to get up early on Saturday morning, pour some coffee and watch cooking shows, it so relaxing for me.

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